Ruling to pay 10,000 dirhams in compensation to the expatriate whose wife beat him

According to a ruling by the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court, a wife is required to compensate her husband 10,000 dirhams for the material and moral harm that her beating and assault on him caused. In particular, an Asian man filed a lawsuit against his wife, requesting that she compensate him for the material and moral harm he sustained from his wife's beating. The ruling also required her to pay fees and expenses, as well as attorney's fees, and it was enforced immediately without the need for bail. highlighting the fact that the injuries listed in the medical report were caused by the defendant's attack of his body. The accused was found guilty of a crime and fined 2,000 dirhams by the court; however, the defendant also showed up and filed a memorandum in response, asking for the case to be dropped.

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In its ruling on the merits, the court stated that it was evident from the documents that the defendant's conviction was based on the same mistake that the plaintiff had used to file the current lawsuit. If the criminal ruling had been made based on the defendant's mistake of attacking the plaintiff's bodily integrity, it would have been decided differently. It is essential to the happening of the act that serves as the foundation for both criminal and civil litigation, as well as to the legal description of this crime and the identification of its offender.

In response to the plaintiff's demand for fifty thousand dirhams in material and moral compensation, the court found that the defendant was proven to be at fault. The plaintiff also suffered material damage from the beating, which was documented in the attached medical report as well as pain. The plaintiff also filed a criminal report with the police and transportation department, and the case was investigated further. His emotions throughout that incident—sadness, dread, and melancholy—represented moral harm. The defendant was ordered by the court to reimburse the plaintiff for $10,000 as well as for costs and fees.

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