Registration for the new academic year continues at Emirates Private Schools

According to private school administrators, the first school day saw the continuation of the process of enrolling and paying tuition fees for late students and those arriving from travel whose families were unable to register them prior to the start of the school year.

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She stated that the schools saw children of various educational levels who completed registration and received their school uniforms.

She confirmed the start of educational, educational, and recreational activities for the students who attended, introducing them to their classes and colleagues, on the condition that the process of registering students in the registration department and receiving school uniforms is completed within the next two days.

And she urged the families of the late students to expedite their children's registration so that the schools could distribute the class schedule to the students, adding that the registration section would remain open from eight a.m. to five p.m. so that the students' families could register their children and receive the uniforms.

The new academic year will witness progress and success

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, King of Abu Dhabi, Foreign Minister, and Chairman of the Education and Human Resources Council, gave a speech in which he congratulated students and teachers on the beginning of the new school year and complimented their decision to return to school.

His Majesty stated that "Together we embark on a new educational journey full of opportunities," and we are certain that this year will witness growth and success in our path towards reaching our educational and development goals for our children. His Majesty also stated that "Together we embark on a new educational journey full of opportunities." I want to wish everyone a prosperous and productive school year, and I hope that you will always be fully prepared to meet problems with opportunities and to contribute to establishing a bright future for our loving friends and family.

His Majesty went on to say that "We appreciate your dedication and efforts in preparing our rising generations of students to assume responsibilities and enhance the future of the country." Students, it is your responsibility to play a part in the creation of a highly developed and prosperous society that realizes all of the goals that we have set for our stunning nation, the United Arab Emirates.

Stages of education in the Emirates

School students in the country are divided into 3 groups, which include:

  • The first cycle (primary): from first to fifth grade
  • The second cycle (intermediate): from sixth to ninth grade
  • The third cycle (secondary): from the tenth to the twelfth grade
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