Police in Dubai warns drivers of serious violations they commit during the rain

Hours ago, Dubai Police issued important warnings to drivers about serious violations they commit during rainfall, and these behaviors and mistakes could expose them to endangering their lives and safety.

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Drivers are warned by the Dubai Police Department about the major infractions they make when it is raining.

Drivers in Dubai were issued crucial warnings by the Dubai Police Department a few hours ago regarding serious violations they make during rainfall. These actions and blunders might put drivers in danger of putting their lives and safety in jeopardy to others.

Dubai Police warns of mistakes made by drivers during rain

During the rainy season, Dubai Police caution drivers to avoid making mistakes, In light of the rainy weather fluctuations that are prevalent throughout the country during this time period, the Dubai Police General Command issued a call to drivers, urging them to exercise caution. They emphasized the significance of adhering to all preventative measures, adhering to traffic laws and regulations, reducing their speed, leaving a sufficient safety distance, and not being distracted by anything other than the road.

Dubai Police handles emergency reports during rain

In the event of rain, Dubai Police responds to reports of emergencies, It was confirmed that it is prepared to deal with reports of emergency accidents, whether they occur in mountainous regions and valleys, or to deal with traffic accidents that occur during periods of rainfall during the period of weather fluctuations. In the interest of public safety, it was requested that people refrain from crossing valleys and stay away from watercourses.

Dubai Police warns against going to the sea due to weather fluctuations

As a result of the fluctuating weather, the Dubai Police Department advises against coming to the sea, In light of the current weather conditions, the Dubai Police Department issued a warning against going to the sea. They also requested that owners of boats, ships, boats, yachts, and people who would be going to the sea pay attention to the weather and climate conditions and follow the instructions. This was done to ensure the safety of the general public and to prevent people from putting their lives in danger as a result of the strong sea currents and high waves.

Dubai Police instructions to the public during rain in order to maintain safety

During the rain, Dubai Police will provide directions to the general people in order to ensure their safety, She emphasized the need of sticking to the directions and criteria that have been established by the municipality and Dubai Police equally at marinas and beaches, as well as reacting to the "red flag" signal that indicates that swimming or sailing is prohibited. The Dubai Police Department has issued a call to the general public, requesting that they get in touch with the command and control center at the General Directorate of Operations by dialing 999 in the event of an emergency scenario and 901 in the event of a situation that is not considered an emergency.

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