Ministerial instructions for parents regarding school uniforms in the Emirates

Hours ago, ministerial instructions were issued to parents regarding school uniforms in the United Arab Emirates, in conjunction with the approaching start of the new academic year 2023-2024.

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Where to find school uniforms in the UAE

The Emirates Foundation for School Education announced the availability of school uniforms for the academic year 2023-2024, for government schools, which are currently distributed through about 50 outlets of the Lulu Hypermarket Group distributed in various regions of the country, or through the group’s website.

Official directives for male and female students in the Emirates related to school uniforms

The Foundation provided a “barcode” that the student or his guardian can scan the code and purchase school uniforms electronically. The institution has set several controls for the school uniform and external appearance of students during school hours, the most prominent of which is that all students must wear school uniforms according to the design approved for each episode, and care must be taken to wear the school uniform in its elegant, tidy and clean appearance, and the students of the third cycle must cover the head by wearing “ A black shawl” with the school uniform according to the approved design, and students must wear white clothes under the Emirati “kandora” with their obligation to wear the “assama” with formal or sports shoes.

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