Launching Dubai Municipality services to issue self-maintenance licenses for homes

It was announced the launch of Dubai Municipality services to issue self-maintenance licenses for homes without the need for the many procedures that were previously followed, as well as the cancellation of some types of maintenance licenses that were previously necessary.

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The launch of services by the Dubai Municipality to provide licenses for homes requiring self-maintenance

It was reported that Dubai Municipality services will be launched to issue self-maintenance permits for residences without the need for the several procedures that had previously been followed. Additionally, it was announced that some types of maintenance licenses that had previously been essential would no longer be required.

Dubai Municipality launches a new service to request self-licensing of building maintenance works

The Dubai Municipality has announced the launch of a new service to request a license for self-maintaining buildings to repair minor structural defects. This service will convert maintenance licenses for construction works into self-licenses without the need for audit by municipal engineers, and it will cancel simple maintenance licenses and licenses for painting works. In addition, the number of Steps required to obtain a license will be reduced, and the procedures will be streamlined so that they are quick and easy.

Maintenance licenses service for buildings in Dubai

Dubai's department for obtaining licenses to maintain buildingsو According to Engineer Layali Abdul Rahman Al Mulla, who is the Director of the Building Permits Department at Dubai Municipality, the building self-maintenance service is an electronic service that enables customers to obtain a license to carry out maintenance and repair of structural defects of the building on their own. This service is licensed and self-completed through the Dubai Permits System. Customers can obtain the license online. Construction on the land owned by the municipality. The requirement to seek a permit was waived for any work performed as part of the new service that aimed to preserve the building by fixing any flaws that were not structural in nature.

How to obtain a self-maintenance license for buildings in Dubai

How to Apply for a Building License in Dubai That Allows for Self-Maintenance, Upkeep, including repainting of the interior and exterior and replacement of the flooring. Through the following link, clients can submit an application for the service of acquiring a license to self-maintain buildings:

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