Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior: Deportation of 100 expatriates due to these violations

Security sources confirmed that firm instructions were issued to traffic patrols to deal firmly with violators, especially residents, revealing that deportation decisions were issued against about 100 residents in just two months because they committed traffic violations. Serious offenses include driving without a driving license, driving at excessive speeds and carelessness on the road, and transporting people.

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ources, the Director of the General Traffic Department, Major General Youssef Al-Khadda, instructed all traffic patrols to maintain a continuous presence on the country's streets to carry out the instructions, to prepare a plan in some areas where expatriates workers are present, to check driving licenses and the durability of the vehicles they use, and not to be complacent in taking legal measures against them. Violators and anyone who commits a violation will face deportation.

How does expatriate deportation from Kuwait work?

In the case that the expatriate commits one of the breaches on the Ministry of Interior's most recent list, a decision is issued to deport him from Kuwait, and the deportation decision in Kuwait proceeds as follows: Notifying the expatriate that he would be deported and outlining the offense that resulted in his expulsion. Issuing a passport to the deported and renewing it if it has not already been renewed. Reserve an aircraft ticket for the individual and terminate all matters that connect him to Kuwait. The individual will be deported to his home country within two to six months.

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