Job seekers in the UAE warn of new fraudulent methods from companies

A number of job seekers in the United Arab Emirates have warned of new fraudulent methods from companies that exploit their need to obtain a job to seize their money.

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People looking for jobs in the UAE are warning others about new deceptive practices used by organizations.

Several people who are looking for work in the United Arab Emirates have issued a warning about new scams that are being perpetrated by businesses that take advantage of people's need to find work in order to steal their money.

Increase in fake recruitment companies in the UAE to defraud job seekers

Increase in the number of fraudulent employment agencies operating in the UAE, taking advantage of people looking for work, They are easy prey for "illusion selling companies," and they are victims of planned and studied scams perpetrated by weak souls who deal in dreams. Some recruitment companies continue to devise new tactics every day to fool young people who are looking for a suitable career. Whether they are citizens or residents, these young people are easy prey. Offers to young people that don't exist in the form of jobs.

Complaints of job seekers in the Emirates after being exposed to fraud from companies

Complaints from those looking for work in the Emirates about being victimized by fraud from local businesses, In press statements, job seekers in the Emirates confirmed that they were targets of various phishing and fraudulent attempts by fake employment companies that exploited their urgent need to obtain a suitable job. Job seekers also confirmed that some fraudsters do not declare that they are employment companies, and instead take other names such as administrative and marketing consulting, for example, in order to trick job seekers into giving them their personal information. This is done in order to steal their money. They send phone messages, e-mails, or messages through social media such as WhatsApp to the victim, asking him to come to the company's headquarters under the pretext that he was accepted into the job offered over the internet as soon as he contacted them. In addition, they offer jobs that are a good match for the victims' areas of expertise, and they keep their business dealings secret. One of the victims, graduate Hadeer Rayhan, explained that she fell victim to one of the companies peddling illusions after discovering an advertisement for a secretarial post online. She didn't waste any time and went straight to the interview, where the people she met with informed her that she was the best candidate for the position because she was proficient in both Arabic and English. They provided her with all of the pertinent information, including the amount of the monthly compensation, the bonuses, and the work hours. And others, then they asked her to pay 500 dirhams "to guarantee her acceptance of the job," and she would recover it with the first month's salary, only for her to find out later that she had been the victim of a fraud when she obtained the payment receipt written in it that she could recover the amount only if a second interview was not provided for her in another company.

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