Issuing an official statement from Dubai Airports regarding the cancellation of some flights

A few hours ago, an important official statement was made from Dubai Airports regarding the cancellation of some flights and the transfer of some flights to other airports due to the volatile weather condition and heavy rain falling today.

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In response to the cancellation of a number of flights, Dubai Airports has issued an official statement.

An important official statement was issued by Dubai Airports a few hours ago on the cancellation of some flights and the transfer of some flights to other airports. This was done as a result of the unstable weather conditions and the heavy rain that has been falling today.

Statement from Dubai Airports regarding weather conditions

Dubai Airports has issued a statement addressing the current weather conditions, As a result of the adverse weather conditions, Dubai Airports reported that certain operations at Dubai International Airport were impacted today. At ten o'clock in the morning, UAE time, thirteen flights had been rerouted to airports in the surrounding area, while six departure flights had been canceled.

Dubai Airports instructions for travelers during today's rain

While it is raining today, Dubai Airports has provided instructions for passengers, In addition, the company issued a statement that read, "Dubai Airports strongly recommends that passengers take the metro in order to avoid congestion on the roads, check the conditions of the roads, and plan additional time in order to arrive at Dubai International Airport." Guests are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the airlines directly in order to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding the status of flights at Dubai International Airport. Visit the website of Dubai International Airport to obtain flight information for their flight.

6 flights canceled from Dubai airports and 13 flights diverted to other airports due to the weather

As a result of the heavy weather, six flights from Dubai airports were canceled, while thirteen planes were rerouted to other airports, She proceeded by saying "Dubai Airports works in cooperation with airlines, control authorities, and all strategic partners at Dubai International Airport to ensure that operational operations run smoothly for our traveling guests."

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