Integrated Transport instructions for drivers in the Emirates regarding tires

A few hours ago, instructions were issued by the Integrated Transportation Center for drivers in the Emirates related to tires, as it warned of the need to take care of them and demanded that truck drivers follow the necessary procedures to maintain their safety.

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Instructions provided by Integrated Transport for UAE drivers on how to properly care for their tires

The Integrated Transportation Center in the Emirates just a few hours ago distributed instructions to drivers in the Emirates pertaining to tires. These instructions warned of the necessity to take care of tires and asked that truck drivers follow the necessary measures to ensure the safety of their tires.

Integrated Transport urges truck drivers to take care of their tires

Integrated Transport strongly recommends that truck drivers maintain good tire health, The Integrated Transport Center of the Department of Municipalities and Transport in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has increased its efforts to educate truck drivers to follow the necessary procedures necessary to maintain their safety and improve the levels of traffic safety on the roads. Additionally, the Integrated Transport Center has increased its efforts to conduct periodic inspection and maintenance on a continuing basis to ensure the health and safety of drivers and all other users of the roads.

The importance of checking and maintaining truck tires periodically

The significance of doing routine inspections and maintenance on truck tires at regular intervals, During a field awareness campaign that was intended to improve traffic culture among drivers, the Integrated Transport Center emphasized the necessity of taking a number of measures that contribute to achieving traffic safety and avoiding accidents on the roads. These measures include checking the vehicle tires, performing periodic maintenance on vehicles, and adhering to the requirements of safe driving. The goal of the field awareness campaign was to enhance traffic culture among drivers. It is imperative to do routine tire inspections because to the severity of the potential consequences of vehicular mishaps that are brought about by tire explosions, including severe injuries. He went on to explain that tire explosions can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a rise or decrease in the air pressure that is contained within the tire, overloading, and driving for long distances without stopping for a break. Because the tires were either worn out or not appropriate for the type of vehicle and the amount it was carrying, or because the trip was particularly long.

Integrated Transport Center tips for drivers in the UAE to maintain their safety

Integrated Transport Center recommendations for UAE drivers to follow in order to keep themselves safe, In this particular scenario, the center handed out leaflets to drivers in a number of different languages, including Arabic, English, and Urdu. The leaflets explained the safety procedures that drivers needed to adhere to in order to maintain their health and safety as well as the safety of others on the road. These procedures included, in addition to performing periodic inspections of trucks and ensuring the quality of tires, performing periodic inspections of truck batteries and air conditioners, and preparing bags. It is important to administer first aid and check that the fire extinguisher is in good working order. The requirement of always ensuring that the front and rear lights, as well as the front and rear signals, are correctly lighted, and the value of having reflective phosphorescent stickers in good condition are both points that need to be emphasized here. The center also recommended that drivers take frequent sips of water and drink lots of it. in order to reduce the risk of being dehydrated while driving.

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