Instructions from Abu Dhabi Police for drivers that must be implemented within the next two months

A few hours ago, important instructions were issued by Abu Dhabi Police to drivers that must be implemented within the next two months in order to maintain safety for road users.

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Instructions from the Abu Dhabi Police Department for motorists that must be followed within the next two months and are very important.

The Abu Dhabi Police just now gave drivers some very essential directions that have to be followed within the next two months in order to keep everyone who uses the roads safe. These instructions were provided a few hours ago.

An important warning from Abu Dhabi Police to all drivers on the roads

An critical message from the Police Department of Abu Dhabi to all drivers on the roadways, When fog forms and horizontal visibility drops to its lowest levels or to nothing at all, the Ministry of the Interior has issued a call to road users to exercise caution and follow traffic instructions. This alerts road users to the danger of fog, as it is a major cause of accidents, which requires drivers to exercise caution and caution. Please drive safely and refrain from using your phone while behind the wheel.

Driving instructions in Abu Dhabi during low visibility

Instructions for driving in Abu Dhabi during periods of low visibility, In the instructions provided by the Ministry of the Interior, the procedures that the driver is required to follow when the level of visibility decreases as a result of the formation of fog were outlined. These procedures include the utilization of low-beam headlights, as high light reflects from water droplets in the fog and makes it more difficult to see, as well as the illumination of fog lights, if the vehicle is equipped with fog lights.

Warning messages from Abu Dhabi Police to drivers

Messages of caution to drivers from the Abu Dhabi Police Department, Over the past few days, and with the help of the National Early Warning System, the Abu Dhabi Police General Command has sent variable electronic warning and awareness messages, alerting drivers on highways and residents in neighboring areas of the need to exercise caution and caution in cases of fog formation and weather fluctuations in general, as well as other instructions that work to Raising the level of road safety. This has helped to raise the level of road safety in Abu Dhabi.

Activating the speed reduction system in Abu Dhabi due to weather fluctuations

Because of the changes in the weather, the speed limiter system in Abu Dhabi has been activated, In April of 2019, Abu Dhabi Police began implementing a decision that requires drivers to drive vehicles on the roads at a reduced speed during times of volatile weather conditions. The police explained that the speed that is set by the radar in those conditions is the speed that is specified on signs and traffic plates, or smart towers installed on the roads, or by an intermediary. This decision was made in response to a number of accidents that occurred in recent years. Text messages, as well as any other method that the appropriate authorities determines to be essential to provide accurate and timely information to the general public.

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