Human Resources and Emiratisation announces the “Happiness Slice” for workers with special benefits

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, in cooperation with Du, announced the launch of the “Happiness” mobile phone SIM card for blue-collar workers.

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Du added about the launch of the “Happiness” mobile SIM card, which offers valuable telecommunications services at affordable prices in addition to unique free privileges.
Workers who visit business service centers and counseling centers approved by the Ministry to issue a new work permit or renew work permits, or when submitting these transactions from the Ministry electronically, can purchase SIM cards. ‏

New features and amenities offered by the Happiness SIM:

This SIM card demonstrates our dedication to providing cutting-edge conveniences and capabilities to our customers. It also enables employees to stay in regular contact with their family and friends back home while ensuring they receive important official alerts from the Ministry. Free data for six months and cheap international calling rates are among the benefits. Provided by the SIM card.

Introduction to Etisalat du:

It is known that “Du” is a telecommunications company in the United Arab Emirates, and on February 12, 2006, it was granted a permit to operate telecommunications services in the country, before the brand name was modified to what is now known as EITC, which was first symbolized by the first three letters of the name. Currently, the company's legal code reads "du" or "du" as it appears in the logo.
The company provides fixed telephone, broadband Internet, pay TV, and mobile phone services in the Emirates, and is a four-way communications provider. The company is also famous for being one of the first Emirati companies to commit to Emiratization and its interest in artistic, cultural, and entrepreneurial activities in the Emirates.

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