How to get black points discount today in UAE

The Ministry of the Interior announced how to obtain a discount on black points today in the UAE for drivers, especially for the initiative of August 28, "A Day Without Accidents".

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How to receive a discount on black points in the UAE today

Today, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Ministry of the Interior made an announcement regarding how drivers might receive a reduction in their black point total, specifically for the campaign known as "A Day Without Accidents" on August 28.

4 black points deduction for those committed to the “Accident-Free Day” pledge

Those who take the vow to have a "Accident-Free Day" will get a penalty of 4 black points, The regulations of the Ministry of the Interior and the General Commands of the Police start automatically today, Monday, and in conjunction with the first school day for the year (2023-2024), implementing the initiative to deduct 4 black traffic points for those who are committed to the “Accident-Free Day” pledge and the participants who registered in the pledge, provided that they did not obtain a violation or commit a crime. traffic accident throughout the day.

Cases of denial of discounting traffic points in the Emirates

Cases of discounts being refused at several traffic checkpoints in the Emirates, According to a statement made by the Ministry of the Interior on Monday, drivers who cause accidents or commit traffic offences will not be eligible for the incentive of having four traffic points subtracted from their total as part of the project.

Steps to obtain the traffic points discount on August 28

Instructions for obtaining a discount on your traffic points purchase on August 28, This past week, the Federal Traffic Council made an exciting announcement by announcing that individuals who are committed to participating in the nationwide project "A Day Without Accidents" that the Council began with the beginning of the new academic year will be rewarded with the deduction of four black traffic points as a prize. Signing the commitment for the effort that was publicized in the communication accounts is essential in order to qualify for the discount that was mentioned there. In addition to the absence of any reports of traffic violations or accidents occurring on August 28, social media as well as the websites of the Ministry of the Interior and the General Command of the Police remained silent.

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