Guidance messages from Abu Dhabi schools to students' parents

Guidance messages were sent from Abu Dhabi schools to parents of students during the past hours, coinciding with the start of the new school year.

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Messages of direction sent to the parents of pupils by schools in Abu Dhabi

During the past several hours, Abu Dhabi schools have spoken with the parents of children by sending them words of guidance to coincide with the beginning of the new academic year.

Schools in Abu Dhabi send guidance messages and instructions to parents

Parents in Abu Dhabi receive guiding words and directions from their children's schools, Some schools in Abu Dhabi sent text messages to parents at the beginning of the new school year (which began in 2023-2024) and included advice and instructions about the appropriate school bag for the safety of students, as well as to avoid the potential negative effects that a heavy school bag may cause when carried on the back, and to avoid any negative effects. The messages were sent in an effort to avoid any negative effects. Harmful to the child's spine or body, noting that the total weight of the school bag should not exceed 20% of the student's body weight, and explaining that the tips are as follows: ensure that the shoulder strap is padded, that the bag is not with one belt, and that it contains multiple pockets to distribute the weight. Harmful to the child's spine or body. Avoid using wheeled bags at all costs because they are not designed for the size of a student and might cause discomfort in the back and shoulders.

Specifications of the school bag suitable for children

Specifications of the backpack that are appropriate for use by children, She went on to say that one of the requirements for a school bag is that it does not have wheels. This is because it does not permit the entry of bags that have wheels, which would obstruct others, whether on the bus or stairs. The vast majority of schools have multiple floors, which necessitates the use of stairs. Additionally, the vast majority of bags do not fit in the bag lockers that are designated for students. Finally, the bag must be suitable and consistent with the size and physical composition of the student.

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