Find out the opening date of Kalba University after approving the budget increase

On the preceding day, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, an esteemed member of the Supreme Council and the Ruler of Sharjah, assumed the role of chairperson for the inaugural gathering of the Board of Trustees at Kalba University, of which he serves as President.

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At the commencement of the meeting, which took place in the university's central administrative location, His Highness extended a warm welcome to the participants, expressing his sincere wishes for their prosperity. The Council engaged in deliberations regarding the university's operational framework, aiming to safeguard its advancement and realize its aspirations of attaining a position of distinction and development among higher education institutions.
The Council was presented with a set of directives by His Highness, aimed at creating a conducive and enriching academic and training environment for students. These directives also focus on investing in the university's resources and enhancing academic programs to align with the emirate's plans and the advancements observed in the city of Kalba. There is a growing emphasis on enhancing endeavors to advance it across many scientific and administrative domains.
During the conference, the royal figure approved augmenting the financial assistance allocated to the university's budget, establishing the principal committees, and putting out recommendations for their respective presidents. During the meeting, the members of the Board of Trustees conveyed their thanks and gratitude to His Highness the President of the University for his keen interest and diligent oversight of all matters about the institution.
The inauguration of Kalba University, a new scientific and academic institution in Sharjah, took place yesterday morning. His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, who is also the President of the university, presided over the event. His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, the Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, was also present. This establishment reflects Sharjah's commitment to advancing its educational landscape and equipping community members with the necessary skills and knowledge in various
The Ruler of Sharjah, in his official capacity, announced that Kalba University will commence its operations by establishing many colleges, including the College of Law, the College of Business Administration, the College of Arts, Sciences, Information and Communication Technology, and the College of Mathematical Sciences.
According to His Highness, individuals who have completed a bachelor's program in physical education and sports sciences possess the necessary qualifications to pursue employment opportunities in diverse sectors aimed at enhancing the standard of sports. These sectors include positions as sports club trainers and fitness center instructors, as well as roles as physical education teachers in educational institutions at both the school and university levels. Additionally, graduates may also serve as educators specializing in the rehabilitation of male and female students with disabilities.
The rationale behind the selection of Monash University in Australia to develop and provide physical education and sports science programs at the University of Kalba was elucidated by His Highness. This decision was based on the esteemed reputation and historical significance of Monash University, which stands as one of the most venerable institutions of higher education globally.

The commencement date of the university.

The Ruler of Sharjah, in his official capacity, expressed that the commencement of Kalba University on September 7, 2023, signifies the initiation of festivities to commemorate the launch of significant ventures in the city of Kalba. He emphasized that the university stands as the most financially substantial undertaking that he will present to Kalba in the forthcoming months and years, thereby positioning Kalba at the forefront of advancement and advancement.
His Highness concluded that the thorny tree, referred to as Umm al-Ghilan in Kalba, is known to cling to anyone who comes near it. This tree is commonly found growing on the walls in swamps and barren land. Despite the passage of time, it stands as the sole survivor among other trees. It is believed that the abundance of these trees characterizes the land of Kalba, also known as Kalba land.

The current list of available colleges.

Subsequently, the esteemed sovereign of Sharjah ceremoniously revealed the commemorative tablet of the University of Kalba, followed by the dignified act of hoisting the university's flag atop its designated flagpole situated near the administrative edifice.
Subsequently, His Highness, joined by the attendees, conducted a comprehensive exploration of the university's premises, familiarising himself with its diverse amenities, such as classrooms and scientific and practical laboratories. These resources are poised to facilitate the dissemination of superior academic disciplines, knowledge, and proficiencies among the university's student body.

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