exemption of some nationalities from prior entry visas in the emirates

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs has signed a protocol that amends a memorandum of agreement to waive prior entry visas between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Armenia.

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This will make it easier for nationals of both nations to travel to and stay in each other's territories for up to ninety days during each visit.

The amendment was made in accordance with the protocol by adding private, official, and ordinary passports for both countries in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, This amendment was made on the condition that the protocol will enter into force following the exchange of diplomatic notifications between the two countries in the upcoming months.

Khaled Abdullah Belhoul, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Karen Krikorian, the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the country, were present for the signing ceremony.

the exemption of some nationalities from prior entry visas in UAE
UAE Visa

The purpose of advance visa exemption status

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Khaled Abdullah Belhoul has confirmed that the decision to mutually exempt entry visas reflects the strength of the relations between the two countries, These relations were founded on the spirit of mutual understanding and respect, as well as the desire to develop these bilateral relations in a way that reflects the ambitions and directions of the leadership of both countries and serves the common goals and interests of both countries.

Belhoul noted that this action falls within the context of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' diplomatic and consular efforts aimed at enhancing the UAE's position at the global level. These efforts are in line with the strategy 2023-2026 developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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