Etihad Flights to and from China Unaffected by Super Typhoon Saola

The typhoon is approaching toward the coast of eastern Guangdong, which includes Hong Kong, with gusts of more than 200 kph.

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Typhoon Saola's Impact on Flights in China

Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, has confirmed that its flights to and from China are proceeding as scheduled, despite the disruptive impact of Super Typhoon Saola in the region.

As Super Typhoon Saola intensifies, numerous flights have been canceled in Hong Kong and the Guangdong province of China. The eastern coast of Guangdong and Hong Kong are in the path of the storm, which has wind gusts of more than 200 kph. As a preventative step, the local administration has responded by closing stores and schools.

Emirates and Cathay Pacific Flight Cancellations

The Emirates airline of Dubai has already canceled all flights to and from Hong Kong for the days of September 1-2. EK384 from Bangkok to Hong Kong and EK380 from Dubai to Hong Kong are two flights that will be disrupted on Friday. Additionally, the flights from Hong Kong to Dubai and Bangkok on Saturday, EK381 and EK385, have both been canceled.

Hong Kong-based carrier Cathay Pacific has also taken similar steps by canceling flights to and from Hong Kong International Airport on both Friday and Saturday. Among the affected flights is CX 738, originally scheduled to depart from Dubai on Friday at 10.45pm.

Uncertain Conditions Ahead

"Further flight delays and cancellations may be required," Cathay Pacific warned in a statement. "Based on the weather conditions and the typhoon's path on Saturday morning."

Waived Charges and Rebooking

In response to the disruptions caused by Super Typhoon Saola, Cathay Pacific has implemented a waiver policy for refund, rebooking, and rerouting charges. Passengers looking to make changes to their travel plans must ensure that their new travel dates fall on or before September 30, and availability is subject to flight schedules.

Despite the challenges posed by Super Typhoon Saola, Etihad Airways stands out for maintaining its flight schedule to and from China, offering some stability amid the weather-related disruptions in the region. Passengers traveling to or from affected areas are advised to stay updated on their flight status and check with their respective airlines for any changes or adjustments to their travel plans.

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