Employer: Giving a reward to a worker's wife for obtaining an excellent evaluation

Pioneers in social media released a video clip of a business owner in an Arab country speaking about the company's promise to pay an employee who obtains an exceptional rating a compensation equivalent to that employee's three-month wage.

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Pioneers in social media have uploaded a video clip in which the owner of a company in an Arab nation explains the company's pledge to pay an employee who obtains an exceptional rating a wage equivalent to three months' worth of work.
If the worker receives a "excellent" performance review, the worker's spouse will be given a prize.
The employee is given a three-month salary, which is then divided such that the employee receives two months' pay and a month's money for the wife (or the employee's mother if he is not married), on the condition that the wife comes to the firm and accepts the income. If the wife does not come to the company, the employee's mother will receive the money instead.
And he noted that the purpose of this issue is to encourage the woman to push her husband and encourage him to work hard all the time, as well as to hold him accountable if he does not achieve an excellent rating. In addition, he stated that the goal of this issue is to stimulate the woman to push her husband.

Affirmation and praise for the efforts that the husband has put in

You seem to be in a constant state of exhaustion, but I have complete faith that God will not allow your fatigue to be in vain and that you will end up having the most success of everyone. I want you to know how much I value everything you do for us and how confident I am that you will achieve great things in your profession because you are deserving of success.

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