Urgent.. Emirati Health announces the start of a Field survey of Dubai residents next Sunday

Emirati Health announces the start of a Field survey of Dubai residents next Sunday, The work of the Household Health Survey 2023 will be launched in Dubai next Sunday (September 10), and it will be implemented by the Dubai Health Authority, in collaboration with the "Dubai Digital Authority" through the Dubai Corporation for Data and Statistics, within the framework of supporting development efforts on a systematic basis based on data collection and analysis. Citizens and residents (children, adolescents, women, men, and the elderly), as well as population and labour communities, are among the categories and groups targeted by the study.

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The health survey is carried out by specialised teams that have been educated to perform professionally and adaptably.

The authority had recently begun the preparatory procedures for the survey's launch, in accordance with the highest scientific and specialised standards in force globally, and within strict requirements and controls that consider the privacy and confidentiality of the data and information that will be collected from the survey's targets.

The Dubai Household Health Survey 2023 is the authority's fourth survey done within international health protocols and generally acknowledged principles in this field, following surveys successfully implemented in 2009, 2014, and 2019.

This year's field health survey of families in Dubai focuses on four major axes: chronic diseases and health problems (diabetes, hypertension, and obesity), healthy lifestyles (tobacco smoking, physical activity, and healthy food), and health spending (spending on outpatient services, hospitals), and health service quality (satisfaction with health status, services provided, and periodic examinations), as well as a set of basic examinations (free).

clear vision

Mr. His Excellency The Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, stated that what the Emirate of Dubai has accomplished and the qualitative transformations it is witnessing in the health sector reflect the Dubai government's interest in this sector and the extent of its priority, as it is a major part of sustainable development and a direct support for continuous progress and successive achievements. attained by the emirate, which has propelled it to the forefront of the world's most developed cities.

His Excellency Al Ketbi stated that the Authority's aims and development strategy are based on a scientific and professional approach as well as a clear vision that is linked to the Emirate of Dubai's health reality and future. The health survey is an enormously essential tool for decision-making and policy-making, whether it is related to the entire development of health-care systems and legislation, or to the population's future demands and health well-being. Dubai.

His Excellency also stated that the Authority is confident in community members' understanding of the value and importance of the health survey and looks forward to their response and interaction with the field work teams conducting the survey, as this ensures the success of this mission, which requires everyone to work together to complete it completely.

start of a field survey of Dubai residents next Sunday in UAE
Emirati Health

Maximum benefit

His Excellency Younis Al Nasser, CEO of the Dubai Corporation for Data and Statistics, stated that the Emirate of Dubai is progressing in the process of digitising life in all of its aspects by utilising advanced technology and its various solutions to develop people's lives and provide an integrated system of exceptional experiences that achieve their well-being and increase their levels of happiness.

His Excellency continued, "Digital Dubai works to make the most of the data sector by strengthening partnerships with various government agencies in the Emirate of Dubai to provide accurate information and data that empower decision-makers in the Emirate of Dubai and support the government's strategic plans to improve the health sector and build a reliable database that can be referred to to take action." Being proactive and developing procedures to improve the performance of the health sector in conformity with the highest international standards."

essential pillar

According to Afaf Bouasiba, Executive Director of the Data and Statistics Operations Sector at Digital Dubai, data has become an essential foundation for researchers and analysts to provide a clear picture about the various sectors, most notably the health sector, with its opportunities and challenges, which provides realistic data that has been collected and classified in accordance with the best international standards in this regard. field, allowing decision-makers to take appropriate choices and address difficulties. This is something that Digital Dubai is constantly working to execute in collaboration with all parties in order to develop and improve all elements of life in Dubai in a way that increases the emirate's digitization and achieves people's well-being and pleasure.

Universal model

For his part, Khaled Al-Jallaf, Director of the Research, Studies, and Data Analysis Department at the Dubai Health Authority and head of the Family Health Survey team in Dubai, explained that the health survey is a scientific practise that all health systems around the world use on a regular basis to collect data, and is recommended by the World Health Organisation and the World Bank. Accurate and proven health of individuals, families, and society by direct field visits to a particular sample of families and individuals that appropriately represents the distribution of the Emirate of Dubai's population.

Concerning the goals that the authority hopes to achieve through the field health survey, Al-Jallaf emphasised that the survey process aims to achieve a package of goals, the most important of which is to improve public health and quality of life for Dubai residents, raise the level of health care services, and reach a global health model to follow, by identifying the needs of families and individuals targeted by the health survey, which would contribute to drawing conclusions.

Furthermore, the Health Authority aims to revitalise and improve the performance of the health system, update health indicators about the Emirate of Dubai's population, and strengthen the health database and information, based on field data and information that reflect the emirate's health reality.

Al-Jallaf stated that the Authority was eager to simplify the procedures of the field health survey in order to save the targets' time and effort, as this will be done in easy and simple steps beginning with filling out the electronic data form, and then measuring the levels of diabetes, blood pressure, and lipid profiles, in addition to height and weight measurements, emphasising that the survey Health is an opportunity for target groups to learn about their health.

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