The UAE Ministry of Health announces that 11.8% of the UAE population is infected with one disease

The Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates announced that 11.8% of the Emirati population is infected with only one disease, and that another 11.7% of the population is at risk of contracting it independently, which is diabetes. Therefore, the health sector began preparing campaigns for early detection and prevention of the disease using artificial intelligence.

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It has been announced by Emirati Health that 11.8% of the population of the UAE is affected with one disease.

It was revealed by the Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates that 11.8% of the population of Emiratis is infected with only one disease, and that another 11.7% of the population is at risk of developing it independently. The disease in question is diabetes. As a result, the health industry started getting ready for campaigns that would use artificial intelligence for early detection of the disease as well as prevention of it.

The UAE Ministry of Health announces that 11.8% of the country’s population suffers from diabetes.

Diabetes affects 11.8% of the population in the UAE, according to recent statistics released by the country's Ministry of Health, In an effort to accomplish the aim of the national indicator for reducing the prevalence of the disease in the country, the federal and local health authorities have started a nationwide campaign for the early detection of prediabetes and its incidence. The goals of the campaign are to improve the prevention of diabetes and to enhance the early detection of prediabetes and its occurrence. During the press conference that was held to launch the campaign, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection reported that 11.8% of the population was affected by the condition. According to a survey that was carried out in 2018, the country has a problem with diabetes, and 11.7% of the population has risk factors and precursors to developing the disease in the future. The Ministry of Health and Prevention is preparing to leverage the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in seeking to enhance diabetes prevention and early detection, which will allow for early intervention and improved patient outcomes.

UAE Ministry of Health initiative services for diabetics

Initiative for diabetic care and treatment from the UAE Ministry of Health, It was announced that examination services would be provided through medical centers located throughout the country. Additionally, it stated that it would organize visits to employees of both the public and private sectors and provide the examination service at their places of employment. During the first one hundred days of the campaign, approximately 5,000 people would be examined at their places of employment. The purpose of the campaign, which will run for a full calendar year, is to immediately after the examination disseminate information regarding treatment options and health advice that may be followed to reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes in those populations most likely to be affected by the condition. In order to provide its services to the people living in the Emirates, a collaborative effort between the health authorities and a large number of businesses in the private sector has been conducting tours of workplaces in both the public and private sectors. These tours involve the provision of free medical examinations. In addition to computerized questionnaires to evaluate the risk of infection, HbA1c tests will be administered to individuals whose questionnaires indicate an elevated risk of acquiring diabetes or its prediabetes. This streamlined strategy involves keeping a precise record of each patient's data, as well as offering continual follow-up care and medical consultations after three and six months have passed. It also aims to educate individuals and provide support for them through the hotline (800-DIABEAT), which provides follow-up services and answers to inquiries for all individuals who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes during the campaign. This is done with the intention of treating pre-diabetes and preventing it from developing into an actual disease. In addition to assisting diabetics in maintaining adequate control of their condition.

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