Emirates Consumer Protection: warns of 4 practices when shopping for offers

The Emirates Consumer Protection Association warned of 4 practices when shopping for offers in retail stores and malls, When looking for deals, consumers should avoid these four common mistakes, according to Emirates Consumer Protection.

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Negative practices when shopping at retail offers in the UAE

When shopping at retail outlets in the UAE, there are some problematic behaviors that can be encountered, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Naqbi, the Secretary of the Emirates Society for Consumer Protection, stated that "there are four negative practices that some consumers are exposed to when shopping from retail store offerings, whether from traditional sales outlets or e-commerce platforms," in reference to the lack of sufficient awareness of shopping. Al-Rashid, as the most prominent of these practices is concentrated in buying offers of goods in large quantities that the consumer does not actually need, which in turn leads to the waste of these goods and their exposure to damage, and some consumers ignore the trade-off and price comparison between offers, and purchase from sales outlets and e-commerce platforms via Obedience to the announcements of discount campaigns, "stressing the need to be careful when purchasing" Al-Rashid, as the most prominent of these practices is concentrated in In the future.

The importance of obtaining purchase invoices from retail offers

The significance of acquiring receipts for retail purchases and their relevance to do so, He also brought up the fact that invoices for goods were not obtained and examined, and he mentioned that invoices that include a guarantee for certain goods or products that can be replaced or returned when any defects are discovered in them, or when their measurements are changed, were not kept. These invoices represent a guarantee of consumer rights when returning or replacing goods, or even when exposed to a dispute with sales outlets about the quantities of goods, or calculating the prices of those goods.

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