Emirates Astronomy Society: Summer season to end in 30 days

With the summer season in the United Arab Emirates gradually winding down, the countdown to autumn's arrival on September 23 has begun, as reported by the Emirates Astronomy Society.  As the days tick away, the region anticipates the transition from the sweltering heat of summer to the milder and more temperate conditions that autumn brings.

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UAE's summer season is nearing its end

As the region prepares for this seasonal transition, Ibrahim Al Jawran, Chairman of the Emirates Astronomy Society, noted that a notable celestial event will occur on Thursday: a sighting of the Suhail star at dawn in specific areas. This occurrence is considered a symbolic end to the intense heat of summer.

The Culmination of High Temperatures

The sun's position squarely over the Tropic of Cancer, which results in less shadow coverage across the Arabian Peninsula, is what gives summer in the UAE its distinguishing characteristics. The sun's precise placement throughout these months is to blame for the often warm temperatures during this time. Anticipating Autumn's Arrival

Anticipation now mounts as autumn approaches. With its arrival expected on September 23, the season will last until December 21. Autumn brings a respite from the scorching heat, offering milder temperatures and an alteration in atmospheric conditions.

The transition from summer to autumn is a significant event in the natural cycle, highlighting the dynamic nature of the Earth's climate. As the summer season nears its end, the countdown to the first day of autumn continues, promising a welcome shift in weather patterns and a refreshing change for residents and visitors alike in the UAE.

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