Emirates Astronomy Society : Climatic Autumn season begins Today

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Autumn's arrival in the northern hemisphere

The beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere has been emphasized by Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, Chairman of the Emirates Astronomical Society and a reputable member of the Arab Space and Astronomy Union. He asserts that September heralds the beginning of the autumnal season, which lasts through November.

Al-Jarwan emphasized how this transition will affect the climate. Temperatures gradually drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius starting in mid-September, especially in elevated areas.

As autumn advances into mid-October, this cooling trend extends to natural landscapes. There's a noticeable rise in humidity levels, leading to morning fog and dew formation. Additionally, clouds gradually move in from the north, a phenomenon that becomes more pronounced by mid-October. As November approaches, the chances of rainfall also grow.

It's important to emphasize that the agricultural cycle officially begins with this season. The planting of various vegetable seeds, the transplanting of palm buds, the cultivation of fruit seedlings and trees, and the nurturing of sadder flowers and palm trees all take place during this period.

General Climate Rates for September:

  • Temperature range: be between 24 ° C to 41 ° C
  • Relative humidity rate: 32% to 88%
  • Precipitation rate: 2mm
  • Average pressure: 1004 MB
  • Solar radiation rate: 5800 wh/m2
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