Dubai Taxi App Introduces Hourly Rental Limo Service

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), a subsidiary of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has unveiled a suite of enhanced services in its upgraded app. Among these offerings is the 'Hourly Rental' limo service, catering to the needs of residents, tourists, and businesses alike. This service is particularly beneficial for hotels, tour operators, airlines, and various public and private entities.

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Dubai Taxi App Services

Passengers utilizing the hourly rental service can enjoy the flexibility of not having to specify a particular destination. Instead, they can guide the driver to multiple locations throughout the chosen timeframe. This feature serves business executives well, enabling them to secure a single limousine for multiple meetings, complete with the option of making multiple stops during their business trips.

24/7 Availability

The service operates around the clock, ensuring users can accomplish all their journeys using a single vehicle, eliminating the need to switch between different modes of transportation. This streamlines the travel experience, saving time, effort, and costs.

Four Innovative Services

Through its app, DTC has unveiled four new intelligent services in line with its digital transformation goal. These services support Dubai's dedication to secure, environmentally friendly digital transportation, further establishing Dubai as a pioneer in the area.

Lost and Found Service

DTC's 'Lost and Found Service' empowers passengers to reclaim their misplaced belongings. By communicating with the driver or using the 'Lost Item Request' feature in the trip report on the app, passengers can arrange for the return of their lost items.

"Meet Me Here and Share My Trip Status" Services

The 'Meet Me Here' service allows users to share their precise location with friends, facilitating meetups at intended destinations. Additionally, the 'Share My Trip Status' feature permits users to provide family and friends with accurate details about their trip, route, and estimated time of arrival.

Pioneering Digital Excellence

The Dubai Taxi Corporation's Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer, Director of Digital Transformation and Commercial Development, emphasized the company's dedication to providing cutting-edge services that uphold international standards. The action intends to improve the community's digital transformation journey and strengthen Dubai's position as a global leader in sustainable development and smart transportation.

Through the DTC App, a range of digital services are available, offering a seamless booking experience for various transportation needs using advanced technologies. This digital evolution optimizes the booking process for different transportation services, ensuring a more efficient and tailored travel experience.

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