Dubai Police: The kidnappers of a woman were arrested because of her work in investing in digital currencies

The verdict released by the Dubai Court of Appeal involved the amendment of a previous decision made by the Court of First Instance, which resulted in the imposition of a three-year prison sentence upon four individuals of Asian descent.

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The defendants were subjected to a monetary penalty amounting to 45,200 dirhams, as their conviction for the act of abducting an Asian female involved in the domain of digital currency investment was upheld. This criminal act was carried out in collaboration with the victim's personal chauffeur, as part of a premeditated scheme.
One of the defendants deceived the woman by feigning interest in purchasing a digital currency from her. Subsequently, a series of transactions were conducted between them. The defendant then requested a meeting with the woman in a certain location. Upon her arrival, she was unexpectedly confronted by the remaining defendants.
The victim was coerced by three individuals to disclose her phone password. Subsequently, they proceeded to conduct a transfer of 8,000 digital currencies from her account, pilfered 8,000 dirhams in cash that she possessed, and absconded with a handbag valued at 7,200 dirhams. Additionally, the perpetrators issued threats of physical harm to dissuade her from reporting the incident to law enforcement. Following their departure, the victim managed to remove the plastic bag that had been used to c

According to the victim's statement provided during the Public Prosecution's investigations, the accused made contact with her acquaintances using her mobile phone and requested them to transfer funds. However, none of them responded to these requests. It is worth noting that the investigators examined the conversation history stored in the victim's device and discovered that she was coerced into calling one of her friends, urging him to transfer 100,000 units of digital currency. However, the friend expressed doubt regarding the legitimacy of the request. Regarding the issue at hand, he declined to address her request.
The individual proceeded to assert that, subsequent to the departure of the kidnappers, she proceeded to contact an acquaintance of hers, who promptly arrived and escorted her to the local law enforcement facility. The Dubai Police promptly apprehended the individual in question and thereafter requested her presence for the purpose of identification. The presence of a fourth individual among the group, who happened to be her previous chauffeur, came as a surprise to her.

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