Dubai Police returns a worker after being detained for 20 years

Dubai Police in the United Arab Emirates succeeded in bringing back an elderly expatriate woman who left her homeland more than twenty years ago in search of work in the country, and who went through harsh detention conditions from her employer.

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The 63-year-old woman said that she was working for a woman in her house, and she frightened her so that she would not leave the house, and remained under her control and watchful eyes so that she would not run away, I expelled her when she grew old and became ill and said that she no longer needed her, and left her on the streets with no place to live, She did not find a way other than the police, and she did not find a kind hand extending to her with love and healing, except when she saw the sons of Zayed coming to respond to the call for humanity from everyone and everywhere, and they extended their compassionate hands to her, confirming that the giving of “Dar Zayed” never stops.

Brigadier Juma Khalfan Al Muhairi, Acting Director of Al Raffa Police Station, said that a 63-year-old woman arrived at the station.
He stressed that she was sick and should return to her country, She had been violating the law for twenty years, but she was afraid to call the police.
Based on the directives of Lieutenant General Abdullah Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, the role of the police is no longer limited to arresting, discovering crimes that have already been committed, and prosecuting their perpetrators, but also includes dealing with citizens, extending a helping hand, and standing by their side in all situations.

Dubai Police efforts to protect individuals:

The Director of the Police Station touched on the efforts made by the Victim Communication Department to create a network of smart services for communication, and in addition to trying to resolve disputes amicably with the victim, Dubai Police is also working to achieve goals that benefit society, such as psychological counseling, and in order to enhance its strategic goal of Reducing crime rates and social problems faced by individuals, helping those in need in facing life’s challenges, and preserving and strengthening family ties.

Mrs" M.H" thanked the director and staff of the Al Raffa Center for their assistance, and praised the Dubai Police as an example of humanity for providing temporary housing and accompanying her to the hotel for three days to improve her situation when she had no idea where to go, and in addition to taking her to the hospital so that she could feel safe, She was given medical examinations, her health condition was monitored, and she was assisted until she was able to leave.

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