Dubai Police App to Implement AI for Accident Fault Determination

The method of reporting traffic accidents and identifying who was at fault is about to be overhauled thanks to the impending implementation of cutting-edge technology powered by artificial intelligence by the Dubai Police Department.

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Dubai Police Revolutionizes Accident Reporting with AI Technology

This cutting-edge technology has the potential to streamline the reporting of accidents, which will save both time and important resources for the police. It is anticipated that the system, which was demonstrated at the technology week at Gitex, will cut the number of manual chores and procedures by an amazing fifty percent.

Innovative AI-Powered Solution

The new AI-based system will be integrated into the Dubai Police app, making it readily accessible to the public. As per a spokesperson, the technology is already close to completion, with just minor tweaks and adjustments remaining before it's officially launched to Dubai residents.

Innovative AI-Powered
Dubai Police App

Simplified Reporting Process

The system simplifies the accident reporting process. When individuals are involved in an accident, they can easily submit the relevant information and photographic evidence through the Dubai Police app. The AI system will then assess the accident's circumstances, determine liability, and identify the damaged areas based on the provided data. Subsequently, it generates an accident report.

The system streamlines the entire procedure, allowing Dubai Police to promptly issue a "red slip" to the party responsible for causing the accident and a "green slip" to the innocent party. This eliminates the need for individuals involved in accidents to visit a police station, resolving disputes more efficiently.

Enhancing Accident Understanding

One of the system's primary benefits is its capacity to provide law enforcement officers with a comprehensive understanding of accidents and their causative factors. Previously, individuals involved in accidents had to wait for police officers to arrive at the scene and establish fault. While the Dubai Police app simplified accident report submissions, it didn't address disputes regarding liability. With the introduction of this AI solution, such disputes will be resolved promptly, streamlining the process further.

Facilitating immediate repairs

Earlier this year, Dubai introduced the "On the Go" initiative, which allowed drivers involved in accidents to obtain an accident report at fuel stations and subsequently have their vehicles repaired immediately. This has significantly improved the overall experience for drivers involved in accidents.

The debut of this artificial intelligence system, which makes reporting accidents more convenient and efficient, is evidence of Dubai Police's dedication to embracing cutting-edge technology and innovation. The implementation of the new system is expected to improve the city's management of traffic accidents, further solidifying Dubai's position as a center for technical innovation.

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