Dubai announces an Instant Professional Driving Permit

In order to expedite the awarding of professional driving licences in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has instituted an instant online issuance mechanism, doing away with the prior waiting time of 24 hours. This simplifies the procedure required to apply for such licenses.

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Professional driving permit

This program is a component of RTA's digital transformation plan that will benefit all drivers but especially those operating taxis, limousines, and school buses.

Simplified Application Process

To obtain the permit, affiliated companies need to follow these steps:

  1. Online Application: The affiliated company initiates the permit application process on the RTA website and pays the applicable fee.

  2. Dubai Drive App: The driver must download and install the Dubai Drive app on their smart devices and complete the pre-registration process within the app.

  3. Instant Issuance: Once the affiliated company has completed the application procedures, the driver will instantly receive the digital permit through the RTA-Dubai Drive app, which is compatible with various smart devices.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Sultan Al Akraf, Director of Driver Affairs at RTA's Public Transport Agency, emphasized that the introduction of digital permits for professional passenger transport drivers, including bus and taxi drivers, limousine chauffeurs, and school transport attendants, aims to enhance customer satisfaction by saving their time and effort.

As This innovative system allows drivers to obtain their permits through smart channels and access digital permits conveniently via the RTA-DUBAI DRIVE app on their smartphones.

This move aligns with RTA's commitment to modernize and digitize its services, providing residents and visitors in Dubai with efficient and user-friendly solutions. It also contributes to the overall goal of improving the transportation sector in the city.

By streamlining the process and eliminating unnecessary waiting periods, the RTA is demonstrating its dedication to ensuring a hassle-free experience for professional drivers, who play a vital role in the city's transportation network.

Moreover, this digital transformation initiative is expected to enhance the overall efficiency of the permit issuance process and contribute to the satisfaction of both drivers and service providers.

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