Dubai Records 52% Surge in Golden Visas in first half of 2023

Dubai has witnessed a remarkable 52% surge in the issuance of Golden Visas during the first half of this year compared to the same period in the previous year.

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Rapid Growth in Golden Visas

The data, released by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) - Dubai, also revealed a substantial 63% increase in the issuance of residency visas within the Emirate. Additionally, Dubai experienced a notable boost in tourism, with a 21% increase.

The substantial increase in the issuance of Golden Visas indicates a growing interest among individuals seeking long-term residency and investment opportunities in Dubai. The Emirate's favorable business environment, strategic location, and quality of life have continued to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

Residency Visa Surge

The surge in residency visas signifies Dubai's appeal as a place for individuals and families to establish their homes and careers. Dubai's world-class infrastructure, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and diverse cultural offerings contribute to its attractiveness as a destination for expatriates.

Tourism Flourishing

Dubai's tourism sector also witnessed significant growth, with a notable 21% increase in visitors. This demonstrates Dubai's continued status as a global tourism hub, offering a wide range of attractions, luxury accommodations, and cultural experiences for tourists from around the world.

Global Conference on Port Policies

In parallel to these developments, the GDRFA announced plans to host a global conference focused on the future of port policies. The conference will serve as a platform for international experts in border port management to exchange ideas and experiences, particularly in the context of evolving travel dynamics. It will explore innovative approaches and strategies to enhance border port operations and facilitate smoother travel experiences for all.

Dubai's consistent growth in various sectors, from visas to tourism, highlights its commitment to fostering economic development and attracting international talent and investments.

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