Dubai: Discussion of the new traffic law and its impact on rental cars

Dubai Police and the car rental team at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, one of the three chambers operating under the umbrella of Dubai Chambers, met to hold a special meeting to discuss the new traffic law in the emirate and its effects on car rental.

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During the meeting, Decree No (23) of 2023 was discussed amending the provisions of Decree No (29) of 2015 regarding the reservation of cars in the Emirate of Dubai, The topic of discussion was unifying and coordinating efforts to strengthen the car rental industry, which is crucial to enhancing the competitiveness of the tourism industry, which is One of the basic pillars of the economy of the Emirate of Dubai, and strategies for improving traffic safety on the roads.

The recently held meeting was attended by Marwan Al Mulla, Vice President of the Business Community Interest Support Sector at the Dubai Chamber, and Mohammed Al Rayes, Vice President of the Car Rental Working Group, along with other participants. Colonel Mohammed Abdullah Al Qaidi, Acting Deputy Director of the General Traffic Department, headed the Dubai Police delegation.
Director General of Dubai Chambers, Mohammed Ali Rashid Lootah, said that enhancing and facilitating dialogue between representatives of the private sector and relevant government agencies is one of the main roles through which we support the business community and communicate its voice to the parties concerned, as these bodies and meetings are part of the strategic partnership between the two public sectors, in addition to In addition, there are private sectors that support the emirate's economic climate and competitive ability.

The attendees talked about how to combine efforts and use them to benefit the business community in the emirate due to their contribution to the Dubai economy. Business organizations are an important part of the business community, and more than 100 business groups have been successfully formed by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce to ensure the representation of all business sectors and activity, Economics in Dubai.

Reasons for booking a rental car:

The vehicle shall be administratively confiscated by the police in these cases without prejudice to the fines and procedures stipulated in the applicable Emirate law:

1. Running road races without getting police approval first.
2. Riding a motorcycle slowly on a paved road.
3- Making fundamental modifications to the vehicle that would increase its speed or cause noise when operating or driving.
4- Fines for movement violations imposed on the vehicle total more than (6,000) six thousand dirhams.
5- Driving a vehicle negligently or in a way that exposes people, property, or traffic safety in the emirate to danger.
6) Stay away from the police.
7- The car quickly crossed the red light.
8- Driving a car on the highway without a license plate.
9- A group of drivers gather to watch races, participate in the chaos that results, or show off their cars on the road.
10- Increasing the percentage of tinting the car’s windows beyond the legal limit or tinting the windshield without a license.
11- Driving a vehicle with a forged or modified number plate, obliterating it, or using it in a manner that violates the law of the emirate.
12- Intentionally damaging a police car by ramming it or otherwise.
13- Driving a vehicle while under the age of eighteen (18).

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