Dubai Deira Clock Tower reopens after Dh10-million transformation

The Deira Clock Tower in Dubai, which has served as the city's enduring symbol since its founding in the 1960s, has lately undergone an amazing metamorphosis. An important step in the urban development of the city was reached when Dubai Municipality, at a cost of Dh10 million, launched this ambitious undertaking.

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Deira Clock Tower

Starting in May 2023, this eagerly awaited project has meticulously revitalized the Clock Tower and its surroundings. The architectural brilliance lies in the seamless blend of solid flooring with lush horticultural elements, resulting in a visually striking and aesthetically pleasing makeover.

A Contemporary Centerpiece

At the heart of the renewed roundabout stands a magnificent water fountain, boasting a fresh and contemporary design. This centerpiece not only adds to the visual appeal but also symbolizes the fusion of history with modernity.

A Commitment to Enhancing Landmarks

Director General of Dubai Municipality, Dawoud Al Hajri, emphasizes the civic body's unwavering commitment to enhancing key landmarks. He states, "We completed the development of the Clock Tower Roundabout in Deira, one of the most prominent engineering and architectural landmarks in Dubai on schedule, giving it a new facade with modern designs that are aligned with the nation’s cultural and historical character and the city’s status as a vibrant creative hub."

For long-term residents of the UAE, the Deira Clock Tower holds a special place in their hearts. It has been a source of comfort and nostalgia for many. Fayyazali, a resident, shares his sentiment, "Even today, when I drive by there, I find the presence of the tower very comforting."

Comprehensive Renovation

The Clock Tower Roundabout's comprehensive renovation includes floor renovations, a redesigned water fountain with multicolored lighting, and a striking repainting of the structural framework. Unique elements like precast concrete pebbled wash and a three-dimensional design add to its charm.

Sustainable agricultural elements have been seamlessly integrated into the redevelopment. Washingtonia palms grace the tower's pillars, and three tiers of wildflowers adorn the surroundings, creating captivating color patterns for visitors to admire.

Versatile Lighting System

The roundabout's new lighting system offers versatility, including mapping and three-dimensional formats, and can display photographic exhibits suitable for national ceremonies and events.

This extensive makeover project not only preserves the rich history of the Clock Tower but also reaffirms its status as a timeless symbol of Dubai's cultural and architectural heritage, standing as a testament to the city's commitment to progress while honoring its past.

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