Dubai Bookshop offers Free Academic Books for Students

A heartwarming initiative in Dubai is offering students a chance to access valuable academic resources for free.

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Dubai Bookshop's Generous Gesture

BookHero, a prominent bookshop, has been spearheading this benevolent endeavor for seven consecutive years. With the new academic year approaching, BookHero is distributing hundreds of academic books to students, and the only prerequisite is proof of current enrollment.

Founder Montserrat Martin shared that this year's initiative boasts a collection of around 5,000 academic books spanning grade school, high school, and college levels. Each student has the opportunity to acquire up to four titles, enabling them to enhance their educational journey.

Empowering Future Generations

Running until September 4, the initiative is hosted at BookHero's flagship branch within Oasis Mall on Sheikh Zayed Road. What sets this initiative apart is its inclusivity – it extends beyond UAE residents and encompasses students worldwide. Martin illustrated this by highlighting that even expat parents working in Dubai with children studying abroad can benefit. As long as they present proof of enrollment, they can obtain up to four free textbooks for their children, regardless of the location of their studies.

Montserrat Martin, a Spanish national residing in Dubai for over two decades, noted that while the concept of distributing free books isn't novel, the success of her initiative stems from its consistency and strong community involvement. BookHero's core business model revolves around book swapping. In the course of swapping, individuals sometimes exchange four books for just two, leaving behind surplus books. Over time, this accumulation has resulted in thousands of books being given away every August.

The initiative has garnered widespread popularity among residents and has achieved its goal of making educational resources accessible to all. Martin emphasized that support comes not only from residents but also from collaborating with other companies to extend this philanthropic effort to underserved communities. Through this meaningful initiative, BookHero is weaving together the power of education, generosity, and community spirit in Dubai and beyond.

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