Dubai: Biker Arrested and Fined Dh50,000 for Dangerous Swerving

The Dubai Police Department acted quickly, arresting a motorcycle driver for dangerous riding conduct on a major thoroughfare in the emirate.

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Dangerous riding leads to severe consequences.

The incident was captured in a video that showcased the motorcyclist performing hazardous stunts, speeding, and dangerously maneuvering through traffic while riding a superbike.

Fines and penalties imposed

The Dubai Police fined the rider Dh50,000 and seized the bike for engaging in this risky conduct. The driver's license also acquired 23 black points as a result of these actions.

Quick Response by Traffic Patrols

Maj-Gen Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, the Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, highlighted the effective response of traffic patrols in apprehending the biker shortly after the video went viral on social media platforms. Al Mazroui stressed that the biker's actions not only endangered their own safety but also posed a significant threat to the safety of other road users.

Amended Traffic Law and Stringent Penalties

Dubai's amended traffic law reflects a commitment to road safety by implementing stricter penalties for reckless driving. Offenses such as reckless driving, which endangers lives or properties, now carry a substantial fine of Dh50,000. This same fine is applicable for running a red light, while the penalty is further elevated to Dh100,000 for engaging in road racing.

Consistent enforcement and safer roads

Dubai's commitment to ensuring road safety is demonstrated by recent instances of dangerous driving that resulted in significant fines. A driver who engaged in tailgating and dangerous overtaking was also detained by the police as part of these measures and was fined Dh50,000. It was highlighted how important it is to drive responsibly by sharing a video that demonstrates reckless driving.

The Dubai Police continue their dedicated efforts to maintain safe roadways by strictly enforcing traffic regulations and imposing penalties that discourage reckless driving, ultimately contributing to the overall safety and well-being of the community.

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