Drivers in the UAE were denied the reward of canceling traffic black points due to violations on Monday

The UAE Ministry of Interior has announced that drivers in the UAE will be denied the reward for canceling black traffic points due to violations on Monday, which coincides with the start of the new school year in the country.

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On Monday, motorists in the UAE were not allowed to receive the prize of having their traffic penalty points cancelled because of breaches,The beginning of the new academic year in the United Arab Emirates coincides with the announcement made by the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates that motorists in the country will not be eligible for the prize for canceling black traffic points due to offences beginning on Monday.

Penalty for traffic violations on Monday in the UAE

On Mondays, drivers who violate traffic laws in the UAE can expect to face penalties, The Ministry of the Interior has issued a warning to motorists that committing accidents or traffic violations on the first day of the new academic year, which is next Monday, will prevent them from obtaining the four-point reward that it recently announced. This is due to the fact that the Federal Traffic Council has announced an encouraging initiative by deducting four traffic points. The Federal Traffic Council has announced an encouraging initiative by deducting four traffic points. Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Sam Al-Naqbi, who is in charge of the traffic awareness team at the Federal Traffic Council, stated that "this initiative was specially designed to inform motorists of all kinds that adherence to traffic laws avoids accidents and violations." It is possible for them to cause traffic, which is especially problematic on the first day of school because of the intense movement of school buses and vehicles driven by parents who take their children to and from school. Drivers of vehicles sometimes become confused with one another as a result of this.

Penalty for accumulating traffic black points

Cost associated with the accumulation of traffic infraction points, Al-Naqbi emphasized that "this initiative is societal and encouraging, and an opportunity for all vehicle drivers, whether citizens or residents in the country, to benefit from deducting traffic points from their traffic file." This is especially beneficial for drivers who have accumulated a large number of traffic points and are getting close to the point where they will lose their driving license.

Denial of the traffic black points deduction bonus due to Monday violations

Infractions committed on Mondays result in the forfeiture of the bonus reduction in traffic black points, In radio statements, Al-Naqbi called on any driver of a vehicle with previous traffic points, and who wishes to deduct four points from them, to enter the Ministry of Interior website, and first sign a certificate of commitment or pledge to abide on August 28, not to commit a traffic violation or traffic accident, pointing to The condition for benefiting from the initiative is that the driver does not commit any traffic violation or accident on this day.

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