Developing new technologies for smart traffic systems in Dubai to be the smartest in the world

The Smart Irrigation Systems Center, which received a visit from His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, plays a significant role in enhancing the coverage rate of the primary road network in the Emirate of Dubai through the implementation of intelligent traffic systems.

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According to the most recent data released by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, there was a notable growth in this metric from 11% to 60% during the period spanning from 2020 to 2022.
The Center's primary tasks and objectives can be succinctly summarised as follows:

Dubai's administration is actively pursuing its goal of becoming the world's leading smart city by implementing intelligent technologies and software to enhance the efficiency of transport systems within the city.
The provision of real-time traffic information to drivers regarding the condition of the road network, including the identification of traffic congestions and accidents, as well as the display of crucial messages, instructions, and recommendations about traffic safety, serves to bolster existing and forthcoming modes of transportation.
The emirate's road network is effectively managed through the utilization of sophisticated central traffic system software. This software plays a crucial role in facilitating decision-making processes and generating automated reaction plans.
The provision of a comprehensive technical platform that utilizes cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, and communication systems.
The implementation of real-time decision-making systems is crucial for effectively managing traffic, accidents, and significant events in the emirate.
The objective is to achieve full coverage of the primary road network within the emirate, encompassing a total length of 710 km, which represents an increase from the initial coverage of 480 km.
The event monitoring was enhanced by a significant margin of 63% during the previous year.
The rate of enhancing reaction time in accidents and emergency cases achieved a 30% improvement by the conclusion of the previous year.

The topic of discussion pertains to traffic violations.

The individual previously stated that the Dubai Police has implemented several initiatives aimed at promoting the advancement of innovative smart services to better serve the community and facilitate the transition to a smart government. These initiatives include streamlining transaction completion and the receipt of requests, comments, complaints, and suggestions, as well as the introduction of smart devices for monitoring road conditions.
inside this particular environment, the Dubai Police Force has focused its endeavours on the regulation of vehicular movement along the roads inside the emirate. This strategic approach aims to mitigate instances of traffic infractions and minimize the occurrence of road accidents. The Dubai Police General Traffic Department has recently implemented the use of smart glasses, specifically Google glasses, as a means to monitor drivers who fail to comply with traffic regulations and etiquette. This introduction of smart glasses represents a new addition to the department's existing range of smart devices utilized for road security control within the emirate. It is worth noting that the General Traffic Department consistently endeavors to enhance its systems to align with those employed in advanced nations, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding road security and ensuring the well-being of road users.

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