Determining the fine for cars whose license has expired in the UAE

Abu Dhabi Police had previously announced the determination of the value of fines for cars with expired licenses in the UAE, through smart systems that monitor them and issue fines against them.

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Establishing the amount of the fine for drivers in the UAE whose licenses have expired

Smart systems will monitor vehicles in the UAE for drivers who have licenses that have expired and will levy fines on those vehicles if they continue to operate after the expiration date has passed, as previously announced by Abu Dhabi Police.

Determine the value of the vehicle license expiration fine in the UAE

Find out how much the fine is for having a car license that has expired in the UAE, When monitoring the car through the smart systems in Abu Dhabi, the value of the violation of the expiry of a license was set at 500 dirhams, and the car was impounded for a week and four traffic points, in accordance with Article (25b) of the Traffic Law, which pertains to driving a vehicle whose license has expired. This law prohibits driving a vehicle whose license has expired.

Monitoring expired license vehicles in Abu Dhabi with smart systems

Smart devices are being used to monitor vehicles in Abu Dhabi that have expired licenses, "Smart systems" began issuing citations to drivers in the country whose licenses were about to expire at some point in the past. In this particular setting, the Abu Dhabi Police indicated that smart devices installed on the roadways of the emirate monitor and report infractions of vehicles operating in the country with permits that have expired. This pertains to all automobiles that have been assigned numbers by the respective licensing offices in every region. United Arab Emirates.

Warning the police of the danger of not renewing the vehicle license

The potential consequences of failing to renew the driver's license, Abu Dhabi Police issued a warning about the failure of some vehicle drivers to renew their licenses on time by postponing the process until a later date. Doing so creates a technical flaw in the vehicle because it is not inspected and maintained, which in turn leads to accidents that put the driver's safety at risk as well as the safety of others on the road, She emphasized the significance of the technical assessment to establish the flaws in the vehicle, to request that the owner repair it in order to acquire a report demonstrating the legality of its use, and to renew it in accordance with the requirements and procedures that were followed in order to guarantee the safety of traffic.

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