Determine all procedures for obtaining a driving license in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Police has identified all procedures for obtaining a driving license in Abu Dhabi, and has also determined the costs of obtaining a license.

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Find out the steps to take to get a driving license in Abu Dhabi.

The cost of acquiring a license has also been decided by Abu Dhabi Police, who have listed all the requirements for doing so.

driving license in Abu Dhabi
driving license in Abu Dhabi

8 steps to obtain a driving license in Abu Dhabi

How to get a driving license in Abu Dhabi in 8 simple steps, The Abu Dhabi Government Services System (Tamm), in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Police, provided the opportunity for individuals to obtain a driver's license through eight steps that can be implemented through its website, and through the journey of obtaining a new driver's license. receiving theoretical driving instruction, receiving an appointment for an exam, receiving a training card, receiving practical training on the road, receiving a driving test on the road, and subsequently receiving a license.

Determine the fees for obtaining a driving license in Abu Dhabi

Find out how much it costs to get a driving license in Abu Dhabi, First, the costs associated with obtaining a driver's license in Abu Dhabi were established. 200 dirhams is required to open a non-refundable traffic file. A road test appointment must be scheduled and costs 115 dirhams. A road test appointment must be submitted for 200 dirhams. A driver's license costs 315 dirhams to get.

Procedures for obtaining a driving license for individuals in Abu Dhabi

A request to access a driver's license file is the initial stage. The process takes two working days, but before beginning, you must confirm that you are qualified to open a new driver's license file. You will be questioned about the type and category of your license, the mode of transmission, and the location of the examination center before entering your personal data. In order to complete the process, you must upload a copy of both the front and back of your international or Gulf driver's license. The second step is as follows: You will also be required to upload a current personal photo of yourself. Make the license file payment. A 200 dirham non-refundable cost is required to open a traffic file. The fourth step is scheduling an examination by requesting a road test appointment reservation. Once the date of the road test is determined, you can begin the practical external road training, which must be finished before the test, and the third step is obtaining theoretical driving lessons in the centers designated for driving, keeping in mind that the center must be given the reference number of the traffic file. Step 5: Controlling the training card Please check the training card's expiration date as it is issued at the same time as the date of the road test. The sixth phase, getting practical training (on the street), is provided by TAMM. It entails the renewal and issue of a training card as well as the provision of a replacement for one that has been lost or damaged. You must attend practical training sessions on Abu Dhabi roads after receiving the training card, which can be organized at the Driving Institute. After you've finished your driving training in Abu Dhabi, the driving test is the seventh and last phase. After successfully completing the street test, you must apply for a driving test, and finally the eighth step: obtaining a driving license You can pick up your new driver's license from the driving school or the closest customer happiness center after passing the street test successfully.

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