Details of the incident of being expelled from the plane before take-off due to body odor

A few hours ago, some newspapers reported details of the incident of expulsion from the plane before take-off due to the body odor of a family on board, and the passengers complained about it.

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The circumstances surrounding the man's removal from the aircraft before to takeoff on the grounds that he had an offensive body odor

A family was kicked off the flight prior to takeoff because other passengers were bothered by their body odor and the fact that they were present on the aircraft. The story was reported in several media just a few hours ago.

A couple was kicked off a plane because of their body odor

Because of their strong body odor, a couple was asked to leave an airplane, The husband was quoted in the newspaper as saying, "As soon as they took us out, they closed the gate and then said: Sorry, sir." The family consisted of a man, a woman, and their young daughter. Employees of American Airlines said that passengers complained about the presence of a "body odor" in the family, which resulted in the family's ejection from the aircraft. "Because of the complaints that were made about the odor coming from your body, we cannot let you back in." When the incident took place, they were informed that other people had previously complained about the smell coming from the family. As a direct consequence of this, they were removed off the aircraft, informed that their belongings would be rerouted, provided with a hotel room as well as meal vouchers, and then delivered back to them. To them, which they say never happened, the family booked a ticket for the following day, but before departing, they stopped passers-by that day to ask them if they had a stench, as well as airport staff, but no one gave them a straight answer. They also asked airport employees if they had a smell, but they did not respond.

The judiciary refuses to compensate a couple after they were expelled from the plane because of their smell

The judicial system has decided not to pay a couple who was kicked from an aircraft because other passengers complained about the odor coming from them, The couple claimed that American Airlines had discriminated against them on the basis of their race, religion, ancestry, country of origin, and racial characteristics. Additionally, they sued the airline "for denial of liberty and equality, embarrassment, indignity, degrading treatment, defamation, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress." According to what was reported in "Mirror" newspaper, a couple filed a lawsuit against an airline in which they demanded compensation from the airline after they were kicked off a plane due to their body odor. However, court documents revealed that the case was dismissed, which means that the couple will not be able to re-file or pursue another case against the airline. After sixty days had passed since it was initially brought up, the case was finally thrown out.

American Airlines statement regarding the expulsion of a family from the plane because of their odor

Statement made by American Airlines regarding the removal of a family from a flight due to the offensive stench they were emitting, American Airlines, for its part, issued a statement in which it denied that its decision to remove the family from the plane was due to any reason other than the problem of offensive body odor.

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