Details of Abu Dhabi Police warning residents to protect them from new fraud tactics

Details of the Abu Dhabi Police's warning to residents have been published to protect them from new fraudulent methods, which have recently spread to seize money.

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Information regarding a warning from the Abu Dhabi Police Department to locals to safeguard them from newly developed scams

Publication of the specifics of the warning that the Abu Dhabi Police Department has issued to locals in order to shield them from newly emerging fraudulent practices that are used to steal money has taken place.

 fraudulent methods in the UAE
fraudulent methods in the UAE

Abu Dhabi Police warns of renewed fraud methods

Abu Dhabi Police have issued a warning about new types of fraud, The Abu Dhabi Police Department issued a warning about the revival of deceptive practices used by con artists and swindlers, as well as the practice of luring victims in misleading ways, by which they are defrauded. These methods include making fraudulent phone calls and providing links to fraudulent electronic fraud sites through short text messages that simulate government institutions, as well as trolling the general public and providing them with fake services and temptations.

Clarification of new fraudulent methods in the UAE

A elucidation of recently discovered fraudulent practices in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Police warned the public about fraudulent and false websites that hold the names of prominent restaurants and shops and promise exceptional deals in exchange for paying a charge. Once the payment procedure on the fake website is complete, the remaining balance on the victim's credit card is deducted from the fee paid by the victim on the fraudulent website.

Abu Dhabi Police instruct the public to protect their money from scammers

The citizens of Abu Dhabi are warned by the police to guard their finances against con artists, And she urged the public not to deal with fake electronic ads that offer pets for sale or adoption in exchange for bearing the costs of shipping and insurance from outside the country. These ads are advertised on the Internet, social networking sites, and some buying and selling applications on smart phones, and the victims are asked to send money to accounts Banks opened for the purpose of theft and fraud, or requesting money transfer through local and international exchanging services. And she urged the public not to deal with fake electronic ads that offer pets for sale or adoption in exchange

Abu Dhabi Police warn job seekers to protect them from scammers

The Abu Dhabi Police Department issues a warning to job searchers to safeguard them against con artists, Fraudsters are currently taking advantage of the opportunity to hold official events and activities to defraud job seekers. They are doing this by creating pages for fake companies on the Internet as approved recruitment companies or programs on social networking sites and allocating them to pay sums of money as fees. The Abu Dhabi Police have warned job seekers against "fake employment" and against believing the lies of fraudsters. Eventually, candidates for such bogus employment find out that they have been taken advantage of by con artists and fraudsters.

Abu Dhabi Police determines how to protect against fraudulent operations and keep their money

The Abu Dhabi Police Department analyzes ways to prevent fraudulent activities and ensure that citizens' money is safe, They demanded the activation of protection programs to ensure the efficacy of getting rid of harmful sites that contain electrified waste and appealed to the public to not share their confidential information with anyone, whether it be account or card information, passwords for online banking services, personal identification numbers for ATMs, security number (CCV), or password. The Abu Dhabi Police emphasized that bank employees and banks will not ask the public for this information at all.

Procedures to be followed when exposed to fraud in the Emirates

What steps need to be taken in the event that fraud is suspected in the Emirates, The Abu Dhabi Police Department has issued a call to the general public, urging them to go to the nearest police station and quickly report any calls they receive from unknown persons asking them to update their banking data. This can be done by contacting the Aman Service No. 8002626 or by sending a text message to 2828. The purpose of this call is to assist the police in combating fraudulent practices and protecting society from the associated risks.

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