Details of a woman losing 18 thousand dirhams due to a financial fraud in the Emirates

Some Emirati newspapers published hours ago details of a woman losing 18,000 dirhams due to a fake gift in the Emirates and then resorting to the judiciary in order to recover her money and punish the fraudsters.

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Specifics regarding the case of a woman in the Emirates who was duped into spending 18,000 dirhams on a false present.

A woman in the Emirates who lost 18,000 dirhams owing to a phony gift went to the legal system in order to reclaim her money and punish the people who defrauded her. The story was published hours ago in some Emirati publications.

Imprisonment, deportation, and a fine of 30,000 dirhams for seizing other people’s money

For stealing money from other individuals, the offender faces incarceration, deportation, and a fine of 30,000 dirhams, The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court issued a ruling that two individuals should be fined 30,000 dirhams from a woman. These individuals had seized the woman's husband, misled her into believing she would receive a gift, and taken 18,000 dirhams from her. The individuals had told the woman that they were from a shipping company and that she would receive a gift from them. The amount must be paid as fees for shipping and overloading.

Details of a woman’s complaint about her exposure to financial fraud in the Emirates

Specifics of a woman's grievance on her potential for being a victim of financial fraud in the Emirates, The woman had taken legal action against two individuals, in which she demanded that they be required to jointly pay 18,162 dirhams, with a delay interest of 12% from the date of filing the lawsuit until the date of full payment, in addition to requiring them to pay 30,000 dirhams in compensation for damage and material loss. The lawsuit had been filed after the woman had filed a claim against the individuals. The complainant stated the following in support of her argument: The two defendants obtained money in circumstances that led to the belief that its source was illegal, after making her believe that they were from a shipping company, and that there was a gift, and one of them who contacted her asked to transfer eight thousand and one hundred twenty dirhams, and then the second contacted her and asked to transfer the amount of weight in the amount of ten thousand dirhams. During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that the first defendant had been given 10,000 dirhams by the exchange office, while the second defendant had been given 8,120 dirhams.

UAE law restores the rights of those affected by financial compensation

The legislation of the UAE restores the rights of persons who have been wronged by providing monetary compensation, It was established that there is no rebuke to the court, if it ruled for total compensation for all damages suffered by the complainant. This was in response to the complainant's request for compensation for the material damages, which were the result of her money being taken, and the moral damages, which were represented by the earnings she lost. The court explained that it is established, in accordance with the Civil Transactions Law, that every harm to others requires the perpetrator to be liable for liability. The error made by the defendants caused the complainant to suffer both material and moral harm, and the court has determined that the total amount of compensation to which the complainant is entitled is thirty thousand dirhams, which the defendants are responsible for paying jointly.

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