Complaints from drivers in the Emirates of school buses due to misuse of the “Stop” lever

Many complaints have been received from drivers in the United Arab Emirates as a result of some school bus drivers' extremist behavior on the main roads, when they open the "Stop" lever, after a sudden and random stop, and in undesignated places. For parking, students to board and drop off, and the long wait for the student to get out of his house and board the bus in the morning.

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He urged bus drivers in the Emirates to educate them on proper stopping instructions for boarding and disembarking students, as well as to impose strict controls on the use of the "Stop" lever, so that it achieves its intended purpose of ensuring student safety and protecting him from traffic accidents, pointing out that some drivers use it excessively before getting off. Students who live at home.

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The Abu Dhabi Police Department warns against misusing the "Stop" arm on school buses.

Abu Dhabi Police, for their part, underlined that the "Stop" lever should not be activated if the student is inside his home, in order to avoid causing traffic congestion on the roadways.

Statistics from the Ministry of Interior's General Administration of Traffic Coordination and the Federal Traffic System show that many traffic accidents involving students happened in bus parking lots and in front of schools.

The Interior Ministry warned of the dangers of allowing minors to cross the road alone, as well as the recklessness of some bus drivers and their failure to follow traffic rules and regulations.

UAE Police confirms that when the Stop lever is depressed, vehicles must come to a complete stop.

According to Abu Dhabi Police, the commitment of vehicles to a complete stop when the "Stop" arm of school buses is opened at a distance of no less than five metres guarantees that students can cross safely and saves drivers a fine of 1,000 dirhams and ten traffic points.

Using cutting-edge technology, Abu Dhabi Police devised the concept of a smart system to regulate stop violators on school buses.

The system operates with artificial intelligence-based cameras put on school buses.

When approaching a distance of less than five metres, the cameras can identify the offending vehicle.

During the first two weeks of the school year, drivers around the country witnessed recurrent misconduct by school bus drivers. Misusing the "Stop" lever, in particular, and impeding traffic owing to improper parking.

UAE police compel school bus drivers to follow five traffic rules.

For its part, Abu Dhabi Police has mandated that school bus drivers observe five regulations while activating the "Stop" lever in order to avoid causing traffic congestion. The first is to stop the bus in front of the student's house, unless there is an obstruction or road construction. Stopping on highways and key roads, as well as using public bus stations located on main roads, are not permitted since they are deemed risky sites for students to drop off and board.

Abu Dhabi Police emphasized that the "Stop" arm for school buses should not be opened if the student is inside his home to avoid causing traffic congestion on the roads, noting that drivers can file a grievance against a fine of 1,000 dirhams for not stopping when they see the "Stop" arm and have it cancelled within a few days. If it is demonstrated that school bus drivers do not follow the controls for utilizing the lever and open it in inappropriate locations such as parking lots.

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