Complaints about the difference in the prices of private lessons between citizens and residents

It has been observed that there is a noticeable increase in private tutoring services during the last days of the academic year, and as the exam date approaches, the number of students looking for private tutoring increases significantly, which leads to a corresponding increase in the fees charged by teachers.

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In the context of the aspiration of students and their families to obtain high grades, which are considered crucial for admission to universities required in the labor market, it was noted that families reported private tutoring sessions during the exam month that cost between 2,000 and 4,000 dirhams. It is worth noting that the duration of these sessions does not exceed an hour and a half. The group consists of six individuals who are currently registered as students. He stressed that the financial value of one class for a student during the exam period is 600 dirhams. It is important to note that determining the value of the class depends on several factors such as the number of registered students, their residential areas, and class dates according to what the teachers decide.

Establishing a formal system as an alternative to private lessons:

The students’ families expressed their desire to establish a formal system as an alternative to private lessons, where teachers can practice private lessons with the approval of the school, and they suggest that this system operate at reasonable and announced prices, to eliminate the issue of teachers exploiting families seeking supplementary educational support for their children. It is worth noting. This recurring phenomenon intensifies as exams approach.

School support program:

The Abu Dhabi Education Council announced an initiative to implement a school support program targeting students in the second and third years. This initiative includes the establishment of dedicated centers aimed at providing comprehensive assistance to students, with the ultimate goal of improving their academic performance. These centers are staffed by highly qualified teachers who are equipped to meet the educational needs of students. He stressed that the primary goal of this program is to reduce the spread of private lessons, and thus promote a more equitable and inclusive educational environment.
A mother of two students, one in the ninth grade and the other in the seventh expressed that because of her work, she finds it necessary to rely on teachers to help her understand some of the subjects for her children. She said that teachers differentiate between citizens and residents when setting the hourly rate, as citizen students receive preferential treatment, and it exceeds The cost of an hour of teaching for the seventh grade is first 100 dirhams at the beginning of the academic year, then it escalates to 150 dirhams before the start of the end-of-year exams. Conversely, the hourly fee for private tutoring services for residents starts from 50 dirhams and gradually rises to 100 dirhams for the review sessions that are conducted. On the eve of the exam.

Individuals who place online private tutoring advertisements have stated that they are aware of the distinction between citizen and resident students when setting the hourly rate for private tutoring, and stress that resident students often lack the financial means to bear the higher cost of a tutoring session, and thus the rate is adjusted to suit their circumstances.
Programs to support schools with qualified teachers:

In this regard, the Abu Dhabi Education Council announced the implementation of a program to support schools to fully evaluate the level of students throughout the academic year. The academic support program is implemented within small groups of no more than 12 students per class, to achieve maximum success of the program.
The Abu Dhabi Education Council was previously selected to participate in the program, and they received a 91% personal quota in the evaluation processes they were subjected to. The Council also provided a service for transporting students to and from doctors and vice versa, to avoid any difficulties or they could be able to join the program after working hours. the job.

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