Changing the date of the visit visa change service to the Emirates

According to reports from tour operators, the option to exchange UAE tourist visas in Oman via bus is extremely popular. The representatives informed me that the next available date was a week away.

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Because of the limited number of seats available, travellers who wish to make this visa modification should start making preparations well in advance.

"Most people want to travel by bus because it's cheaper and the journey keeps the passenger busy," says Shaikh Abdulla, visa incharge at Al Jazeera Travels.

"People who wish to obtain a bus service for visa change must make reservations at least 9 days prior to their intended travel date," he noted.

At 9 a.m., 3 p.m., and 9 p.m. daily, the service provider runs three buses round trip between Dubai and Muscat at a cost of Dh100 per passenger.

There was a long queue of people waiting to buy tickets at Al Khanjari Transport. Most of them, however, went home empty-handed after failing to secure a flight on their desired date of departure. "I wanted a ticket on the 26th of this month to travel for a visa change as my visa is expiring on August 27," said Abdul Hameed, who needs a visa extension to attend the second round of a job interview before his current one expires.

Abdul Hameed felt he had no alternative but to leave the country in order to change his visa. According to Hameed, taking a plane both there and back would cost him an extra Dh500, and the trip would take about as long as taking the bus.

Sohar, Oman native Ramesh Muliyakkal was frustrated that he couldn't buy a ticket on the bus back home. Every six months, I have to make a business trip to Dubai. The ticket arrived two days before my scheduled departure. However, the lack of available seats has made this an issue recently. Eventually, Muliyakkal, who owns a fragrance shop in Oman, had to return home by plane.

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