Cases of allowing photography between couples permitted in the Emirates to prove damage

One of the husbands sent a legal consultation to an Emirati newspaper asking about cases of allowing photography between spouses permitted in the Emirates to prove harm. He photographed his wife in a public place to prove her absence from the home and the abandonment of the children.

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There have been instances in which photography between couples has been approved in the Emirates in order to demonstrate damage.

An Emirati publication received a legal consultation from one of the husbands, in which he asked about previous instances of enabling photos between spouses to be used as evidence of injury in the Emirates. In order to provide evidence that his wife had deserted him and their children, he took photographs of her in a public setting and published them.

Is photography to prove harm between spouses a violation of privacy?

A legal opinion was obtained concerning the instances in which photography is permitted in the Emirates between spouses and whether or not it is considered a criminal offense if the purpose of the photography is to prove harm, Is it an invasion of privacy to use photographs to demonstrate that there has been mistreatment between spouses? This was a question and inquiry from a reader, in which a man said: There were disagreements between me and my wife, because of her frequent going out with her friends, and her children leaving her with the servants for a long period of time, and when I told her family, she was lying to me, so I photographed her in a public place, in a café, and sent the pictures. There were also disagreements because of her children leaving her with the servants for a long period of time. To her older brother, to demonstrate that what I said was accurate, but I was taken aback by the fact that she filed a report against me alleging that I had defamed her. Is taking pictures of me regarded a breach of her privacy and a crime that can be punished by the law?

When does UAE law penalize photography between spouses?

When does the law of the UAE make it illegal to take photographs of a married couple? This question of yours is very significant because the issue of photography has raised many issues, and there are opinions on this matter. The advisor, Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif, responds by saying: This question of yours is very important because the issue of photography has raised many problems. Because photography is not in and of itself a sinful activity, the most important issue is that you take pictures of your wife in a public place where there is nothing inappropriate in the background, but that you do not distribute these pictures to anyone else. Legally, but the problem is always in the case of sending these pictures to other people; however, as long as you sent these pictures to her brother only and for the purpose of fixing them and preventing her from going out frequently and preventing her from leaving the children to be cared for by the servants at home, this is evidence that there is no intention of defamation, and in this case you will obtain an acquittal; however, if sending the pictures to anyone else, you will be found guilty of de This is the point at which it becomes difficult to use for the purpose of defamation.

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