Apple warns its users to quickly get rid of two phones produced 30 days ago

Hours ago, Apple issued a warning to its users to quickly get rid of two phones produced 30 days ago, as it gave them one month's notice before it stopped supporting these two phones forever.

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Apple has sent a warning to its customers, urging them to get rid of two phones as soon as possible. A month ago today, Apple has just issued a warning to its customers that they should promptly get rid of two phones that were made 30 days ago, as it has given them one month's notice that it would stop supporting these two phones permanently. This warning was delivered a few hours ago.

A month from Apple for its users to get rid of two of its phones

Apple is giving its customers one month to return either of two of the company's phones, The tech company known as "Apple" has issued a fresh warning to its customers over these two mobile devices and has given them till the end of the month to dispose of them. Where the American technology firm "Apple" has given a warning to iPhone customers, as it prepares to release its new system "iOS 17", and the British newspaper "Metro" has said: If you own a "iPhone 8" or "X," the time has come to give them up, because they are They will not support the future iOS 17 update.

Support for older iPhones has been discontinued

The company has decided to no longer provide support for outdated iPhone models, The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X were both introduced in 2017, and Apple is known to discontinue providing support for older iPhone models after a period of six years. As a result, owners of the "iPhone 8" and the "iPhone X" will no longer be able to receive the most recent software or feature updates for their devices. They will also be unable to take advantage of any newly released security updates, which will leave their phones open to increased risk from dangers such as malware and viruses.

The release date of the new iOS 17 phone from Apple

The expected date of availability for Apple's newest mobile operating system, iOS 17, It is anticipated that iOS 17 will be launched around the middle of September 2023, which means that customers have a time of approximately one month before the update is made available to them.

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