Announcing the provision of the digital identity service in UAE banks via the smart application

Some banking officials announced that banks in the Emirates provide the digital identity service via the smart application, while bankers confirmed that financing and opening accounts are carried out using the methods approved by the banks.

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Banks in the Emirates announce the provision of digital identity service via the smart application

The Emirates' financial institutions have made an announcement on the supply of a digital identity service through the use of the smart application, While bankers have acknowledged that financing and account opening are carried out utilizing the techniques permitted by the banks, certain banking officials have declared that banks in the Emirates give the digital identification service via the smart application.

Using the “digital ID” in UAE banks to identify customers

Customers in UAE banks can be identified via a "digital ID" system, According to the statements of two bank employees, the request made by the banks that the customer identify himself by using the "digital ID" is solely for the purpose of identifying the customer and is not made in order to complete or approve bank financing requests or open bank accounts. Moreover, it is contingent on the customer himself "preferring" the "digital ID" option in order to ensure his information, and that he is the person who wants to open the bank account or request financing, and this is typically done through the bank's smart application, and they explained that most banks currently provide this option as a service to the customer, while the rest of the banks are preparing for the application during the coming period, at a time when they stressed the importance of ensuring the security of customers' personal information

UAE bank customers prefer to use digital ID

Customers of banks in the UAE prefer to utilize digital identification, "Most banks provide the customer with the option of identifying himself by confirming the (digital identity) in order to save time," Awatif Al-Harmoudi, a banking expert, said in detail. "At a time when the rest of the banks are preparing to implement the same service in the coming months," she added. "It is usually according to the choice." "The customer himself, as there are other channels through which the customer's identity can be verified; however, the largest percentage of customers prefer to use the (digital identity), for the banks that have implemented the service. " The next thing that Al-Harmoudi said was, "The matter does not go beyond introducing the customer, as he himself is one of the customers." Make a request to open a bank account or submit an application for financing, typically through the bank's smart application or a link delivered directly to the consumer by the bank. Al-Harmoudi cautioned the customer to take extra precautions so that hackers, who are continually working to improve their techniques, do not take advantage of this service.

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