Announcing the provision of 160 banking services via smart applications for UAE banks

Some of the responsible banking authorities in the Emirates have announced that customers can access 160 different banking services through the use of smart applications provided by banks in the UAE. These services include the ability to pay bills, transfer money, obtain an approved account statement, and many other services that have been made available to customers in an effort to make their banking experience more convenient.

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Announcing 160 banking services available to UAE banks with the use of smart applications

160 banking services made available by banks in the UAE through the use of smart applications, According to the websites of the banks operating in the country, the number of banking services that may be accessed through the banks' mobile applications has reached more than 160 services so far. More than ten years ago, banks in the United Arab Emirates started transitioning toward providing banking services around the clock, either through their websites or through applications for smart phones. This was part of the implementation of a comprehensive strategy developed by the Central Bank for digital transformation, which focuses on using new and pioneering technologies in data processing and storage, as well as providing a safe and efficient infrastructure, thus consolidating the leadership of UAE banks.

The most important banking services available through smart banking applications in the Emirates

The most significant banking services that may be accessed through mobile and online banking applications in the Emirates, The most prominent feature of these services is the ability to pay bills of any kind, whether they are for electronic purchases or for other service agency bills. Additionally, these services include money transfer services, which can be performed either within the country or outside of it. Other features include the ability to obtain a certified account statement, the ability to apply for any kind of financing, and messages that contain a number. The bank has signed, stamped, and given its approval to both the account and the IBAN number. The United Arab Emirates Banks Federation estimates that 90 percent of banking services can currently be accessed electronically.

UAE banks intend to provide all their services through smart applications

The banks of the UAE plan to offer all of their services via mobile and desktop applications, According to Amjad Nasr, an expert in banking, the banking industry in the Emirates is one of the first sectors that has kept pace with the state's movement toward smart transformation and automation of services. This is because the industry has invested significant sums of money to develop a technological infrastructure that is both advanced and secure. In a press statement, Nasr added that banks are currently in the process of transferring a very large number of their services from the branches to make them available through smart applications. However, he explained that there is one challenge that still exists, which requires the cooperation of other parties to complete the rest of the services, so that they become 100% available through applications. These parties include real estate departments, car showrooms, and other entities that are a direct partne of the bank. Nasr said that this challenge requires the cooperation of other According to the Central Bank, technological and structural improvements in the financial sector have led to increased access to mobile banking applications, internet banking, and the ease of using ATMs. This is true whether one is buying a car or property.

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