Announcing the honoring of 107 drivers in Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai recently announced that it would honor 107 drivers in Dubai for their adherence to traffic rules, not committing traffic violations, and not causing accidents.

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An announcement has been made to commemorate 107 drivers in Dubai.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai recently made an announcement that it will be honoring 107 drivers in Dubai for their adherence to traffic laws, for not committing traffic offenses, and for not causing accidents in Dubai.

Dubai Taxi honors 107 drivers who recorded the lowest number of accidents

The 107 drivers who had the fewest number of accidents were recognized and awarded by Dubai Taxi, As part of the Traffic Safety Award for the years 2021-2022, the Dubai Taxi Corporation, which is linked with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, acknowledged 107 notable drivers as part of the award. These drivers recorded the lowest number of violations and accidents during the award period. The Executive Director of the Dubai Taxi Corporation, Mansour Rahma Al Falasi, made it clear that the Corporation recognizes and values the contributions made by those who operate taxis, limousines, and buses.

New instructions for drivers in Dubai to achieve traffic safety strategy

In order to meet Dubai's traffic safety goal, new directives have been issued to drivers, Additionally, it reminds them to constantly adhere to the laws of safe driving and observe all traffic regulations and directions in order to protect both themselves and the passengers in their vehicles. Therefore, as part of the Corporation's effort to achieve its goal of reducing the number of automobile accidents, the Corporation acknowledged drivers who were committed to the cause. This objective is in keeping with the traffic safety strategy of the Emirate of Dubai, which aims to achieve (zero deaths) by the end of its five-year plan. Mansour Al Falasi noted that the organization provides the human and technical capacity to reach the greatest safety rates, and that over the past few years, there has been a considerable decrease in the number of accidents that have occurred.

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