Announcing the facilities of private schools in the UAE to pay tuition fees over 12 months without interest

Many school administrations have announced facilities for private schools in the UAE to pay tuition fees for 12 months without interest, provide various discounts for students, and provide a service to accept cooperation with banks that provide payment services later.

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Announcing that private schools in the UAE now offer the option to spread out their tuition payments over a year without charging interest on such payments

Many school administrations in the UAE have indicated that they would make it possible for students to pay their tuition costs over the course of a year without being charged interest, that they will offer a variety of discounts to students, and that they will offer a service to accept collaboration with banks that will provide payment services in the future.

Private schools in the UAE provide facilities for students' families to pay fees

Families of students can pay their tuition at private schools in the UAE using a variety of payment methods, School administrations have reported that they have provided facilities for the payment of tuition fees for the current school year. These facilities include providing a variety of discounts to outstanding students and brothers, as well as contracting with banks and digital platforms that specialize in "pay later." This contributes to providing options for paying fees that are easy to use and flexible in paying in installments without Benefits, and schools have allowed students' families to increase the number of payments in which they are allowed to make. We are flexible with some of the families of the students, and we allow them to make their monthly payments in a manner that is convenient for them. We are eager to provide facilities for the families of the students, so that we may assist them in paying the fees.

Tuition fee discounts in private schools in the UAE

Discounts on tuition costs offered by private schools in the UAE, He continued by saying, "We contracted with a bank to allow the school to pay the full fees, provided that the students' families pay the fees to the bank over the course of 12 months." The members of the police and armed forces, as well as those who have a "Esaad" card. Fatima Abu Mois, the principal of a private school that offers an American-style education and has three locations, stated that she had given instructions to provide a discount for kindergarten pupils at all of the school's locations. And exceptional pupils can earn up to fifty percent.

Paying private school fees by installments without interest

Having the option to pay for private school tuition in monthly installments without incurring interest, Samer Sarhan, the director of a private school that adheres to the American curriculum, stated that the school offers many facilities to the families of students in regard to the payment of fees. These facilities include contracting with a bank to pay the fees in full and paying them monthly to the bank over the course of six or 12 months without interest, which facilitates much for the students. In addition, the director of the private school stated that the school provides many facilities to the families of students.

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