Announcing the conditions for canceling the seizure of violating vehicles in Dubai

The traffic regulations in force in Dubai have specified the cases of impounding vehicles that committed prohibited traffic violations and the conditions for canceling the impoundment of violating vehicles in Dubai.

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Dubai's terms and conditions for the cancellation of reservations for automobiles that have been booked in violation

The traffic regulations that are now in effect in Dubai have outlined the circumstances under which automobiles may be impounded for having committed forbidden traffic offences as well as the criteria under which the impoundment of breaching vehicles may be canceled in Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's decree to seize violating vehicles in Dubai

The order issued by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid to seize infraction-causing vehicles in Dubai, The administrative seizure of a vehicle may be carried out by the police in cases that have been approved by it in this regard, while Article 3, which is related to cases of administrative and permissive seizure of vehicles, stipulates that without prejudice to the penalties and measures prescribed under the legislation that is currently in force in the Emirate, the administrative seizure of a vehicle may be carried out by the police. In addition, cases of administrative and permissive seizure of vehicles are determined, and the limit for such The length of time that can legally be held in custody in each individual instance, as determined by a decision made by the Commander-in-Chief in this regard, in conjunction with the relevant authorities.

4 conditions for releasing the violating vehicle from being impounded in Dubai

There are four requirements to get the vehicle seizure lifted, The decree that governs impounding vehicles in the Emirate of Dubai outlined four conditions that must be met before a vehicle can be released from impoundment. These are: the expiration of the confiscation period, the owner of the vehicle replacing the confiscation period according to the sums of money specified in the decree, correcting the violation or removing the causes of the violation, or paying all of the fines that are owed on the vehicle according to the traffic file, and he clarified that these conditions must be After the owner of the detained vehicle has paid the total amount of the traffic penalties that were levied against him, the car will be released in line with the case that is mentioned in Clause (4) of Article (2) of this decree, as stated in the decree.

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