Announcing that 60% of employees in the UAE need training to maintain their jobs

Some human resources specialists in the United Arab Emirates have announced that 60% need training to maintain their jobs because 44% of their skills will be affected during the next five years.

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Human resources specialists in the Emirates announce that 60% need training to maintain their jobs

According to experts in human resources in the Emirates, sixty percent of workers require more education to keep their positions,The United Arab Emirates has a number of human resources specialists, and some of them have claimed that sixty percent of the workforce there needs training in order to keep their jobs because forty-four percent of their abilities will become obsolete within the next five years.

Experts: 6 out of 10 workers need training in new skills before 2027

According to the opinions of several experts, six out of ten workers will require additional training before 2027, Human resources professionals have confirmed that approximately 44 percent of the skills possessed by the current workforce will be affected and destabilized over the course of the next five years. In addition, six out of ten workers will require training in new skills before the year 2027, while 42 of the work tasks will be automated before that year. During this year's Human Resources Forum 2023, which was recently organized by the Human Resources Department of the Dubai Government, experts explained that creative thinking is the most important skill in our lives, and that since artificial intelligence will dominate many tasks in the future, all members of the workforce must focus on creativity. And innovate so that they do not lose their jobs; people and organizations who focus on this kind of thinking and invention will be able to endure in the years to come.

The importance of training employees in the UAE on the skills needed for jobs in the coming years

The significance of providing employees in the UAE with training in the relevant skills that will be required for jobs in the years to come, They advocated for the necessity of actively striving to enhance creativity abilities by embracing curiosity, practicing thinking, brainstorming, thinking outside the box, looking at things objectively, free from past perceptions, as well as becoming involved and taking chances.

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